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We value independent content creators

Non-exclusive licenses

The number of times you can get paid for one Instagram picture is unlimited

Link to your Instagram

Our license oblige users to mention the photographer when they use the picture

Fair commissions

Earn 1$ to 5$ per travel pictures in their Instagram format

How does it work ?

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Connect your Instagram or Blog pictures

We will have a look at your profile and select the best travel pictures from your Instagram feed or blog

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Location and activity check

A location and activity is identified in each of your pictures so we can integrate them on our marketplace, travel guides and match them with business partners

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Partners Matching

Your selected pictures will be added to our marketplace and travel guide. We also generate a link for each picture that will redirect to the most appropriate travel product (Tous & activities, hotels, flights)

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Get your revenue share

Each time a user buy the rights of your pictures or book an activity with one of our partners after seeing it, you will receive up to 70% of our commission. Learn more about our affiliate rates here

Start to Monetize your Travel Pictures

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