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Travel Guide of Phuket in Thailand by Influencers and Travelers

Phuket is a city in the southeast of Phuket island, Thailand. It is the capital of Phuket Province. As of 2007 the city had a population of 75,573. It covers the subdistricts Talat Yai and Talat Nuea of Mueang Phuket District. Phuket is 862 km south of Bangkok.

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The Best Things to Do and Visit in Phuket


1 - Ko Samui

Ko Samui is an island off the east coast of Thailand. Geographically in the Chumphon Archipelago, it is part of Surat Thani Province, though as of 2012, Ko Samui was granted municipal status and thus is now locally self-governing.

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Ko Samui things to do in Phuket

2 - Thalang

   9 km away

Thalang District is a district in the north of Phuket Province, Thailand.

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Thalang things to do in Phuket

3 - Shore Excursions in Phuket

The Phi Phi Islands are surely one of the world’s natural wonders: an archipelago of lush, tropical isles set in the enchanting Andaman Sea. On this day trip from Phuket, guests will get to swim and snorkel amongst the colorful, underwater diversity of fishes and coral reefs. Relax and sunbathe on the soft, white sand beaches of the islands. Thrill seekers and easygoing travelers alike will enjoy the beauty and pure joy of paradise. If you haven't visited the Phi Phi Islands, then you haven't fulfilled your trip to Phuket, Thailand.

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Shore Excursions in Phuket things to do in Phuket

4 - Laem Sing View Point

   7 km away
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Laem Sing View Point things to do in Phuket

5 - Karon Beach

   12 km away

Karon Beach refers to a beach, and the town adjoining it, on the west coast of Phuket, Thailand. The beach is a popular destination for tourists. Generally quieter than neighbouring Patong, it is popular with families and couples. It is also especially popular with Scandinavian tourists, with many businesses catering especially to them.

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Karon Beach things to do in Phuket Karon Beach things to do in Phuket

6 - Safaris in Phuket

No trip to Phuket would be complete without visiting the islands in the beautiful Andaman Sea! This area features some of the most spectacular topography in the world and has been featured in many hit movies over the years. Visit several points of interest on the Phi Phi Islands including Maya Bay, Monkey Bay, Viking Cave, Loh Samah, and Pileh Cove. The boat will head back towards Phuket in the afternoon and will make a stop at Khai Island, where you can relax on the beach and snorkel in the clear waters filled with plenty of tropical fish. Operators are SHA Plus certified for the safety of all customers. • Book this tour and enjoy a full-day trip to the world-renowned islands of Phi Phi and Khai • Explore the wonders of the sea by snorkeling, followed by a day of sightseeing and swimming in the area • Visit the famous Phi Phi Don Viewpoint and relax on the white sand beach with your group • Enjoy a convenient round trip transfer between your hotels in Phuket and the pier

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Safaris in Phuket things to do in Phuket

7 - Wat Chaithararam

   12 km away
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Wat Chaithararam things to do in Phuket Wat Chaithararam things to do in Phuket

8 - Wat Chalong

   12 km away
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Wat Chalong things to do in Phuket

9 - Kayaking Tours in Phuket

Explore James Bond Island and Hong Island on your canoe and get the chance to see a completely unique Eco-system and enjoy the sounds of local wildlife. Your experienced guide will enable you to spot interesting things and take great photos of your experience in the lagoon. Enjoy a delicious buffet lunch and an opportunity to swim with the colorful marine life during this full day trip. The boat tour price also includes a tour guide and round-trip hotel transfers in Phuket province.

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Kayaking Tours in Phuket things to do in Phuket

10 - Phuket FantaSea

   14 km away

Phuket FantaSea is a Thai nighttime cultural theme park located on the island of Phuket, in the south of the country. The park covers an area of 60 acres and includes a Thai culture theatrical show, a theme buffet restaurant, and a shopping street.

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Phuket FantaSea things to do in Phuket

11 - Big Buddha Phuket

   14 km away
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Big Buddha Phuket things to do in Phuket Big Buddha Phuket things to do in Phuket

12 - Sightseeing Cruises in Phuket

Experience the iconic Phang Nga Bay on a luxury cruise equipped with a full bar, day beds, DJ, and dance floor. Visit James Bond Island and explore the sea caves of Hong Island by kayak. Enjoy a beautiful sunset ocean panorama while having dinner onboard.

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Sightseeing Cruises in Phuket things to do in Phuket

13 - Kata Noi Beach

   17 km away
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Kata Noi Beach things to do in Phuket

14 - Windmill Viewpoint

   21 km away
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Windmill Viewpoint things to do in Phuket

15 - Culinary Tour in Phuket

Join our truly small-group foodie tour limited to just 8 exclusive guests each day. There's no two ways about it, the food in Phuket is sublime. Perhaps that's why is was crowned the 'Thailand City of Gastronomy 2017' by UNESCO. This melting pot of Thai, Chinese, Malay and Burmese food certainly warrants a few hours away from the beach and there's no better way than diving into the hidden street eats in Phuket Old Town. Starting in the cool of the morning, you'll spend 4 hours with your foodie guide delving into the secrets behind the island's flavours. You'll make plenty of stops to mop up Burmese curries with wood-fried naans at a tucked away workers teashop, practise your chopstick skills on a bowl on the best bowl of Hokkien noodles in town and indulge in grilled pork dripping in rich peanut satay sauce among a dozen more mouth-watering Phuketian dishes and snacks. You won't find food like this anywhere else on the island.

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Culinary Tour in Phuket things to do in Phuket

16 - Promthep Cape, Phuket

   22 km away
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Promthep Cape, Phuket things to do in Phuket Promthep Cape, Phuket things to do in Phuket

17 - Sirinat National Park

   25 km away

Sirinat National Park is a national park in Phuket Province, Thailand. This park, with sections on land and sea, is in the northwest of the island of Phuket.

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Sirinat National Park things to do in Phuket

18 - Samet Nangshe Viewpoint

   34 km away
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Samet Nangshe Viewpoint things to do in Phuket

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Why should you visit Phuket ?

Travel to Phuket if you like:

  🏖️ Beach     🚢 Pier     🏊 Swimming pool     🏞️ Waterway     🐾 Wildlife     🌴 Tropics  

How to visit Phuket ?

To get to Phuket, you can fly directly into Phuket International Airport (HKT) from many international airports. Alternatively, if you're already in Thailand, you can take a bus or train to the mainland and then catch a ferry to the island. Domestic flights from Bangkok to Phuket are also available.

Booking in advance is highly recommended for popular attractions like the Phi Phi Islands and the Similan Islands. Day trips to these islands can fill up quickly, so reserve your spot online or through a local tour operator. It's also a good idea to book accommodations and rental vehicles in advance, especially during the high season (November to February).

The costs of visiting Phuket can vary depending on your preferences. Budget travelers can find affordable accommodations and food for as low as $20-$30 per day, while luxury travelers can expect to spend significantly more on upscale resorts and dining experiences. Excursions like island hopping, snorkeling, and scuba diving can range from $50 to $100 per person, depending on the tour operator.

Some of the best things to do in Phuket include:

1. Relaxing on the beautiful beaches, such as Patong Beach, Karon Beach, and Kata Beach.
2. Exploring historical sites like the Big Buddha and the Chalong Temple.
3. Taking a day trip to the picturesque Phi Phi Islands or the Similan Islands for snorkeling and diving.
4. Experiencing the vibrant nightlife in Bangla Road.
5. Indulging in a traditional Thai massage or taking a Thai cooking class.

For dining, some excellent options are:

1. Suay Restaurant: A contemporary Thai fusion restaurant that offers a mix of traditional and innovative dishes.
2. Raya Restaurant: A local favorite for authentic Phuket-style cuisine in a charming, historic setting.
3. Mor Mu Dong: A hidden gem offering delicious southern Thai food in a rustic atmosphere.

For accommodations, consider:

1. The Slate: A luxury resort with a unique design inspired by Phuket's tin-mining history.
2. The Old Phuket: A charming, affordable boutique hotel located in the heart of Karon Beach.
3. Bodega Phuket: A lively and budget-friendly hostel perfect for backpackers and solo travelers.

Off the beaten path:

To experience something unusual and less touristy, head to the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary. This ethical sanctuary rescues and rehabilitates abused and overworked elephants, allowing visitors to observe and interact with these majestic creatures in a natural and ethical environment. You can spend a day feeding, bathing, and learning about the elephants' stories while supporting their rehabilitation and conservation efforts.

Learn More about Phuket

The tropical island of Phuket is located in the southern part of Thailand, in the Andaman Sea

Phuket is the most popular and largest island in the kingdom of Thailand

With its incomparable panoramas, its beaches bathed in the Andaman Sea, its forests (the Royal Nature Reserve of Khao Phra Thaeo), and its incredible nightlife,

Phuket is an indispensable destination during a stay in Thailand. The island in South East Asia is an ideal starting point for your next adventure to Ko Phi Phi Island, Ko Yao Island, Phang Nga Bay Nature Park, and many others.

It is connected to the mainland by a bridge, and thus accessible not only by plane but also by land (680 kilometers from Bangkok).
The largest island of Thailand with 810 square kilometers (more than 100 kilometers of coastline in its greatest length), it is a province in its own right and derives most of its income from tourism, after having massively developed its infrastructure throughout the 1980s and 1990s. The main city of the island, Phuket Town, is located in the southeast part of the island, but it is not very popular with foreign visitors. Indeed, with one or two exceptions, almost all the beaches are concentrated along the west coast.

The most frequented sectors are in the southern part of this coastline (Patong, Karon, and Kata beaches). It is in Patong, in particular, that most of the activities peripheral to the beach are gathered (restaurants, bars, discotheques, shops, etc.).

Phuket: what to do?

Apart from the seaside pleasures, Phuket offers by its very size a wide range of possible outings, especially since its relief is surprisingly varied. Phuket is also famous for the quality of the surrounding underwater sites and attracts many diving enthusiasts. Most hotels in the area are open all year round.

As everywhere in Thailand, many stores are dedicated to beauty care and various treatments. There are also many kiosks on the beaches where the same services are offered. Try Thai massage, unless you have back problems. Otherwise, the famous foot reflexology is practiced

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Phuket

What to do in Phuket ?

On the island of Phuket itself, there is no lack of attractions,

Among the must-do activities, there are some great classics listed in all travel guides:

  • The Big Buddha,
  • The temple of Chalong,
  • Phuket town,
  • The Promthep Cape,
  • The shows of the Phuket Fantasea
  • The Simon Cabaret and the great popular festivals were organized in Phuket.

Other less popular but equally exotic walks will take you to Cape Panwa, to the viewpoints offering the most beautiful panoramas of Phuket, to the stadium of Phuket town to attend Muay Thai fights, and to other picturesque, original, and always surprising places...

  • The rain season lasts from September until November but don't worry that much about the rain they don't last that long
  • The dry season: from November to March - this is the ideal period to visit Phuket, light warm winds are very pleasant

Thai cuisine is renowned for its finesse and variety.

Take a look at the menus, go out of the hotels and risk the spices... it is never a bad surprise.

  • Soups
  • Noodles
  • Rice
  • Vegetables,
  • Dishes in sauce...

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