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Travel Guide of Lunahuana - Lima in Peru by Influencers and Travelers

Lunahuaná is a small town in the Cañete Province in Peru. The town lies about 187 km south of Lima in the Lunahuaná valley at the bank of Cañete River.

The Best Things to Do and Visit in Lunahuana - Lima


1 - Larcomar

   8 km away

The Larcomar is a shopping center in the Miraflores district of Lima, Peru owned by Chilean company Parque Arauco S.A. It was opened on 27 November 1998.

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Larcomar things to do in Lunahuana - Lima

2 - Circuito de Playas

   9 km away
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Circuito de Playas things to do in Lunahuana - Lima Circuito de Playas things to do in Lunahuana - Lima

3 - Archaeology Tours in Lima

   18 km away

Join a half-day tour to the famous Pachacamac Temple, located only a short distance from Lima. Built by different leaders throughout the centuries and between the years 200 and 1450 AD, this religious compound is made entirely out of clay and houses the giant pyramids of the sun and moon. This comprehensive sightseeing tour will give you an insight on the culture, history and architecture of both the Inca and pre-Inca people.

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Archaeology Tours in Lima things to do in Lunahuana - Lima

4 - Park of Love

   9 km away
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Park of Love things to do in Lunahuana - Lima Park of Love things to do in Lunahuana - Lima

5 - Antonio Raimondi Park

   10 km away
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Antonio Raimondi Park things to do in Lunahuana - Lima

6 - Shore Excursions in Lima

   18 km away

You will visit a protected natural area and see how is possible to find a balance among flora, fauna and human being. Our speed boats are in perfect conditions and we are working wit Sernanp, the government organization to protect and develop the area. Be with wild sea lions in their natural environment and also learning about birds, Humboldt penguins, nature and culture, the islands are the Peruvian history summary. You can enjoy complimentary snacks and wear our wet suits on board to jump into the water and enjoy. In fact you are not obligated to swim if you don't wish. Enjoy this family and friendly, 2.5 hour experience.

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Shore Excursions in Lima things to do in Lunahuana - Lima

7 - Miraflores

   11 km away

Miraflores is a district of the Lima Province in Peru. It is an exclusive residential and upscale shopping district south of downtown Lima. It is also one of the most affluent districts that make up the city of Lima. It has various hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and department stores. Miraflores is one of the main tourist attractions in Lima. Founded as San Miguel de Miraflores, it was established as a district on January 2, 1857.

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Miraflores things to do in Lunahuana - Lima Miraflores things to do in Lunahuana - Lima

8 - Lima

   18 km away

Lima is the capital and the largest city of Peru. It is located in the valleys of the Chillón, Rímac and Lurín rivers, in the central coastal part of the country, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

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Lima things to do in Lunahuana - Lima Lima things to do in Lunahuana - Lima

9 - Culinary Tour in Lima

   18 km away

Discover one of Lima’s most interesting neighbourhoods – artsy and bohemian Barranco and sample more than 15 Peruvian foods and drinks. Meet with our local hosts to learn how to prepare the famous ceviche and pisco sour during these two interactive workshops. Enjoy your lomo saltado with an amazing view over the Pacific ocean. Learn the history and culture behind each dish that you will have the chance to taste during this 4-hour walking food tour of Barranco.

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Culinary Tour in Lima things to do in Lunahuana - Lima

10 - Main Square of Lima

   18 km away
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Main Square of Lima things to do in Lunahuana - Lima

11 - Chivay

   19 km away

Chivay is a town in the Colca valley, capital of the Caylloma province in the Arequipa region, Peru. Located at about 3,600 m above sea level, it lies upstream of the renowned Colca Canyon. It has a central town square and an active market.

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Chivay things to do in Lunahuana - Lima

12 - Sandboarding in Lima

   18 km away

Sandride Experience is the most original adventure to face yoursel, have a lot fun and improve confidence, also it's the best tour in Lima.

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Sandboarding in Lima things to do in Lunahuana - Lima

13 - Mountain Bike Tours in Lima

   18 km away

If you like biking and culture, you definitely should book this tour. For a good reason this is # 1 bike tour in Lima enriched by a multi-cultural friends of 5 different countries: Brazil, The Phillipines, Italy, Venezuela and of course Peru. Apart from that, you'll get to know Peruvian history in a fun and entertaining way. Not boring at all! In addition, you'll have some recommendations in relation to where to eat like a real limeño, drink a maracuya sour in a fancy place (passion fruit) and which other interesting places you can visit while staying in the City of Kings. Finally, having in mind that you will want to have a very unique experience while discovering Lima, The Bohemian Charm of Barranco & Chorrillos is a tour with no more than 8 people per group. We want you to have a personalized experience and also your health and safety is important for me due C-19 times. You won't have to worry about having big groups and solo travellers are welcome! Cheers, GogoBiking team

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Mountain Bike Tours in Lima things to do in Lunahuana - Lima

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