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Travel Guide of Lima in Peru by Influencers and Travelers

Lima is the capital and the largest city of Peru. It is located in the valleys of the Chillón, Rímac and Lurín Rivers, in the desert zone of the central coastal part of the country, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The Best Things to Do and Visit in Lima


1 - Huaca Pucllana

   7 km away

Huaca Pucllana or Huaca Juliana is a great adobe and clay pyramid located in the Miraflores district of central Lima, Peru, built from seven staggered platforms.

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Huaca Pucllana things to do in Lima

2 - Cathedral of Lima

The Basilica Cathedral of Lima, otherwise Lima Cathedral, is a Roman Catholic cathedral located in the Plaza Mayor of downtown Lima, Peru. Construction began in 1535 and completed in 1649. It is dedicated to St John, Apostle and Evangelist.

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Cathedral of Lima things to do in Lima Cathedral of Lima things to do in Lima

3 - Archaeology Tours in Lima

Join a half-day tour to the famous Pachacamac Temple, located only a short distance from Lima. Built by different leaders throughout the centuries and between the years 200 and 1450 AD, this religious compound is made entirely out of clay and houses the giant pyramids of the sun and moon. This comprehensive sightseeing tour will give you an insight on the culture, history and architecture of both the Inca and pre-Inca people.

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Archaeology Tours in Lima things to do in Lima

4 - Miraflores

   7 km away

Miraflores is a district of the Lima Province in Peru. It is an exclusive residential and upscale shopping district south of downtown Lima. It is also one of the most affluent districts that make up the city of Lima. It has various hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and department stores. Miraflores is one of the main tourist attractions in Lima. Founded as San Miguel de Miraflores, it was established as a district on January 2, 1857.

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Miraflores things to do in Lima Miraflores things to do in Lima

5 - Larco Museum

The Museo Larco is a privately owned museum of pre-Columbian art, located in the Pueblo Libre District of Lima, Peru. The museum is housed in an 18th-century vice-royal building.

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Larco Museum things to do in Lima

6 - Shore Excursions in Lima

You will visit a protected natural area and see how is possible to find a balance among flora, fauna and human being. Our speed boats are in perfect conditions and we are working wit Sernanp, the government organization to protect and develop the area. Be with wild sea lions in their natural environment and also learning about birds, Humboldt penguins, nature and culture, the islands are the Peruvian history summary. You can enjoy complimentary snacks and wear our wet suits on board to jump into the water and enjoy. In fact you are not obligated to swim if you don't wish. Enjoy this family and friendly, 2.5 hour experience.

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Shore Excursions in Lima things to do in Lima

7 - Chivay

Chivay is a town in the Colca valley, capital of the Caylloma province in the Arequipa region, Peru. Located at about 3,600 m above sea level, it lies upstream of the renowned Colca Canyon. It has a central town square and an active market.

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Chivay things to do in Lima

8 - Larcomar

   9 km away

The Larcomar is a shopping center in the Miraflores district of Lima, Peru owned by Chilean company Parque Arauco S.A.. It was opened on 27 November 1998.

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Larcomar things to do in Lima Larcomar things to do in Lima

9 - Culinary Tour in Lima

Discover one of Lima’s most interesting neighbourhoods – artsy and bohemian Barranco and sample more than 15 Peruvian foods and drinks. Meet with our local hosts to learn how to prepare the famous ceviche and pisco sour during these two interactive workshops. Enjoy your lomo saltado with an amazing view over the Pacific ocean. Learn the history and culture behind each dish that you will have the chance to taste during this 4-hour walking food tour of Barranco.

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Culinary Tour in Lima things to do in Lima

10 - Circuito de Playas

   9 km away
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Circuito de Playas things to do in Lima Circuito de Playas things to do in Lima

11 - Park of Love

   9 km away
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Park of Love things to do in Lima Park of Love things to do in Lima

12 - Sandboarding in Lima

Sandride Experience is the most original adventure to face yoursel, have a lot fun and improve confidence, also it's the best tour in Lima.

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Sandboarding in Lima things to do in Lima

13 - Antonio Raimondi Park

   9 km away
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Antonio Raimondi Park things to do in Lima

14 - Main Square of Lima

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Main Square of Lima things to do in Lima

15 - Mountain Bike Tours in Lima

If you like biking and culture, you definitely should book this tour. For a good reason this is # 1 bike tour in Lima enriched by a multi-cultural friends of 5 different countries: Brazil, The Phillipines, Italy, Venezuela and of course Peru. Apart from that, you'll get to know Peruvian history in a fun and entertaining way. Not boring at all! In addition, you'll have some recommendations in relation to where to eat like a real limeño, drink a maracuya sour in a fancy place (passion fruit) and which other interesting places you can visit while staying in the City of Kings. Finally, having in mind that you will want to have a very unique experience while discovering Lima, The Bohemian Charm of Barranco & Chorrillos is a tour with no more than 8 people per group. We want you to have a personalized experience and also your health and safety is important for me due C-19 times. You won't have to worry about having big groups and solo travellers are welcome! Cheers, GogoBiking team

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Mountain Bike Tours in Lima things to do in Lima

16 - Lunahuana - Lima

   18 km away

Lunahuaná is a small town in the Cañete Province in Peru. The town lies about 187 km south of Lima in the Lunahuaná valley at the bank of Cañete River.

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Lunahuana - Lima things to do in Lima

17 - Pachacamac

   27 km away

Pachacamac is an archaeological site 40 kilometres southeast of Lima, Peru in the Valley of the Lurín River. The site was first settled around A.D. 200 and was named after the "Earth Maker" creator god Pacha Kamaq.

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Pachacamac things to do in Lima

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Why should you visit Lima ?

Travel to Lima if you like:

  🏰 Temple     🏃‍♂️ Running     🏊 Swimming pool     🏖️ Beach     🗼 Landmark     🌆 Skyline  

How to visit Lima ?

Why travel to Lima?

Lima, the capital city of Peru, is a vibrant and bustling city with a rich history, beautiful colonial architecture, and a thriving culinary scene. Travelers come to Lima to explore its fascinating museums, ancient archaeological sites, and to experience its lively nightlife. Moreover, Lima serves as a gateway to other popular destinations in Peru, such as Cusco and Machu Picchu.

How to get there?

Lima is well-connected to major cities around the world. The Jorge Chávez International Airport (LIM) serves as the main point of entry for international travelers. From the airport, you can take a taxi, Uber, or an airport shuttle to reach your hotel or destination within the city. If you're traveling from other parts of Peru, you can take a bus or a domestic flight to Lima.

What to book in advance?

It's recommended to book your accommodation in advance, especially if you're traveling during the high season (June to August). If you plan to visit popular museums such as the Larco Museum or the Museum of Contemporary Art, you can purchase tickets online to avoid long queues. Booking a guided city tour can also help you explore Lima's historical sites and attractions more efficiently.

What are the costs?

Lima is an affordable destination compared to other major cities in South America. Budget travelers can expect to spend around $30-$50 per day, while mid-range travelers may spend between $50-$100 per day. High-end travelers can expect to spend over $100 per day. Costs include accommodation, food, transportation, and entrance fees to attractions.

What are the best things to do?

Some of the must-visit attractions in Lima include the historic center of Lima, Miraflores district, Barranco district, Plaza de Armas, and the Larco Museum. Don't miss the Magic Water Circuit, a stunning light and water show at Parque de la Reserva. Lima is also famous for its culinary scene, so make sure to try local dishes such as ceviche, lomo saltado, and anticuchos.

Where to eat?

1. Central Restaurante: Ranked among the best restaurants in the world, Central offers a unique gastronomic experience focusing on Peruvian ingredients.
2. La Mar: A popular ceviche restaurant that offers a wide range of delicious seafood dishes.
3. Isolina: This traditional Peruvian tavern serves authentic and flavorful criollo-style cuisine.

Where to stay?

1. Budget: The Point Lima Hostel - A friendly and social hostel located in the Barranco district.
2. Mid-range: Tierra Viva Miraflores Centro - A comfortable and modern hotel in the heart of Miraflores.
3. Luxury: Belmond Miraflores Park - A 5-star hotel offering stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and top-notch amenities.

Off the beaten path:

For an unusual travel experience in Lima, visit the eerie Catacombs of the San Francisco Monastery, an underground network of tunnels filled with the bones of thousands of people. Another offbeat attraction is the Parque de las Leyendas, a unique combination of a zoo, botanical garden, and archaeological park, where you can learn about Peru's diverse wildlife, flora, and ancient cultures.

Learn More about Lima


Located on the Pacific Coast of Peru, Lima was founded in 1535 by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizzaro who nicknamed it the City of Kings (La Ciudad de los Reyes), in reference to the Magi of the Nativity (from his Hispanic culture). It became the capital of the country in 1821 after the independence of the country from Spain. It is now the fifth largest city in Latin America with more than ten million inhabitants. Its historic center, classified as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, is full of museums and historic buildings that are not to be missed.


At the heart of the city, the Plaza Mayor (also called La Plaza de Armas) gathers very important religious monuments such as the Cathedral of St. John, the Basilica and the Monastery of St. Francis of Assisi but also the Government Palace of Peru.
Scattered throughout the city, you will find museums with exclusive collections of pre-Columbian art. Among them, the Museo Larco, named after its founder Rafael Larco Hoyle, is known worldwide for its collection dedicated to the Moche civilization, present in the territory between 100 AD and 700 AD. A little further south, but still in the city of Lima, is the Museo Oro del Peru and its treasures of the original lands, collected by the Peruvian diplomat Miguel Mujica Gallo in the 60s.

Among the highlights of the city, you will have the pleasure to walk in the eight hectares of the Parque de la Reserva. There, sublime sculptures by Peruvian artists are on display and you will love the magnificent water show, for which the park is famous, also known as the Magical Water Circuit (Circuito Magico del Agua).

What is a city without its markets?
The Peruvian gastronomy is worth the detour! Not far from the Playa Mayor, you will enjoy meandering through the Mercado Central, discovering a warm atmosphere and culinary specialties based on chicken, fish, lamb or beef. There is something for everyone!
You are a gourmet but prefer shopping ? At the Gamarra Market (and its shopping streets), the largest clothing market in Latin America, you will find something for you!

Quiet and Peace

Along the water, many parks and viewpoints await you: Fortaleza del Real Felipe, Parque del Amor, Malecon de Miraflores... Not to mention the beaches!

Last but not least... In the South East of the capital, Huaca Pucllana is the most majestic of the sites in Lima. Its pyramid is constituted by vertical adobes which increase its solidity : architectural prowess !

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Lima

How to go to Lima from the airport?

Jorge Chavez International Airport is about 30 minutes away from Lima's city center by car.


You will find many taxis or riders that will drive you where you would like, these are examples of companies you can use: TaxiGreen, TaxiDatum, Taxi Auto Satellite, inDriver, Uber.

Tips. Always check some details before entering a taxi in Lima (Peru): light signal, yellow/black or white/black "checkerboard" design on both sides of the car, taxi driver's license and the license plate might be written on the windows and/or the seats. Have cash and coins, so you can bargain prices and give the exact amount.

Bus - transfert services

Airport Express Lima drives you to (and from) 9 stops in Miraflores and 4 stops in San Isidro.

QuickLlma Airport can drop you off (and from) Kennedy Park in Miraflores or right to you front door in this same area.

Depending on what you expect and how many people you are. For a couple of nights, you might prefer to stay in a tourist friendly area sush as Miraflores, where you will enjoy the most of Lima's energy. Great news, most of the accommodations offer breakfast!


Based on travelers reviews (August 2022):

  • this is the top 3 mid-range hotels in this area: Hyatt Centric San Isidro, Pullman Lima Miraflores and Iberostar Selection Miraflores,
  • this is the top 3 affordable hotels in Lima: Roosevelt Hotel & Suites, Ibis Lima Reducto Miraflores and Arawi Miraflores Express


Lima has very nice hostels you might enjoy as a solo backpacker or with your friends: Albergue Verde, Loki Lima, Pariwana Hostel and Puriwasi Hostel Lima are the best ranked by travelers.

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