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Travel Guide of Lima Region in Peru by Influencers

The Department of Lima is located in the central coast of Peru, its regional seat is Huacho. Lima Province, which contains the city of Lima, the country's capital, is located west of the Department of Lima; this province is autonomous and not under the jurisdiction of the Regional Government.

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Travel Tips for visiting Lima Region

Lima is a coastal region in central Peru. The province of Lima includes the city of Lima, the capital of Peru. The region abounds in archaeological treasures, each one more impressive than the others, which traces the history of the first aboriginal peoples of Peru.

Paramonga is a pre-Inca city located in the north of Barranca, it is a site composed of an important pyramid of four floors on a hill, it is a very impressive building by its size and by its history, paintings were discovered in the building which recounts the history of Paramonga.

Pachacamac is another archaeological site, the most famous one around the capital. It is the ruins of a pre-Columbian citadel, today it is essentially a place of pilgrimage for the native peoples. Near this temple, you can see the ocean. There are other vestiges of the Inca peoples to discover in the region of Lima like Cajamarquilla, Caral, Puruchuco, and many others.

At 56 miles (90 km) from Lima, come to discover the volcanic plateau of Marcahuasi, some of its rock formations have familiar forms like animals or human silhouettes, the mystery of the place is that we do not know if they are human or natural formations. But it is still impressive to contemplate.

For a walk along the beach, go to the Catela Vidal, which is a freshwater river that flows into the Pacific Ocean. It is essentially a fisherman's beach, but you will be won over by the calm and beauty of the place. The Peruvian coastline is full of marine life, come and discover the sea lions along the edge of the beach of the Palomino Islands, it is a real immersion in the wildlife.

While you are in the area, a tour of the city of Lima is a must, come and discover the Historical Center of Lima, the Convento San Francisco y Catacumbas Museum, or the Plaza de Armas, it is a city with fascinating neighborhoods full of history through its magnificent buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Lima Region

What is the best area to stay in the Lima region?

Miraflores and Barranco are the areas where there are the main accommodations in the region, and you will have plenty of choice for hotels in those two cities as they are very popular among tourists.

Around the city of Lima, the traffic is very dense, and you could lose a lot of time by renting a car or taking a cab, the area is not well known for its easy access by road. However, to get around the Lima region we recommend you to take public transportation, many buses pass through the touristic sites.

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