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Travel Guide of Bergen in Norway by Influencers

Bergen, historically Bjørgvin, is a city and municipality in Vestland county on the west coast of Norway. At the end of 2019, the municipality's population was 283,929, and the Bergen metropolitan region had about 420,000 inhabitants.

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Welcome to the Hatlas Travel's Guide of Bergen !

Discover our travel guide of Bergen in Norway made of pictures from travel influencers and photographers.

What you will see and do in Bergen:

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Travel Tips for visiting Bergen

The city of Bergen emerges between the ocean and mountains.

On the west coast, Bergen has the same assets as Oslo, offering both the grandeur of nature and rich cultural heritage.
The heart of this charming city is located around the harbor with the famous fish market of Torget Square and the Bryggen quay. 
This area and its houses from the Hanseatic era have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bergen is the starting point for a visit to the fjords, but it is not without its festivals and museums.
The European City of Culture for the year 2000, hosts around the lake Lille Lungegardsvann many art museums such as the one of Rasmus Meyers Samlinger which gathers the private collections of a patron.
From Bergen to Kirkenes, on the Russian border, the Norwegian coastline reveals the richness of its coastline, from its majestic fjords to its cliffs and its wild archipelagos.

A coastline that attracts many tourists in summer, attracted by the midnight sun, nature in its raw state, and pleasant temperatures.
But in winter, the northern lights, the cold, and activities such as snowmobiling, ice fishing, and the observation of the few animal species that can withstand polar temperatures, attract adventurers, eager for an unusual vacation. A destination that is not for everyone but that promises an extraordinary trip with attractions as varied as they are surprising.

Bergen: what to do?

  • A cruise on one of the Hurtigruten fleet's Coastal Expresses.

  • Snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, or dog sledding on the vast snowy expanses of the North.

  • Go fishing for giant crabs.

  • A trip to see the Maelstrom, a famous swirling current once thought to lead to an underground abyss.

  • Hike on the islands and canoe in the fjords.

  • The Lofoten Islands form a 120-kilometer-long chain of islands with granite peaks covered in eternal snow.

  • The Geiranger fjord, a UNESCO world heritage site, stretches more than 100 km inland with its breathtaking cliffs and waterfalls that take on their full force when the snow melts.

  • Ålesund is a picturesque city with beautiful architecture, built on several islands, connected by bridges or tunnels under the sea.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Bergen

Bergen : what to eat?

Norway is synonymous with salmon and seafood.

Fish lovers will appreciate the quality and freshness of these products cooked in all their forms. 
Smoked, marinated, cooked over a wood fire, steamed or simply raw, seafood can be enjoyed from breakfast to dinner.

Another specialty of Norway is the red berries that are found as an accompaniment to meat or in desserts. 
The meat in question will be mostly reindeer, very tasty, which blends perfectly with the sweet taste of red berries.

A great specialty of Northern Norway is the succulent giant crab!

  • Vacuum-smoked fish and all sorts of seafood are sold in supermarkets.

  • Berry jams, to accompany meat dishes or for breakfast.

#1 The fjords of the Bergen archipelago
#2 Bryggen, the old center of Bergen
#3 The culinary specialties
#4 The Hanseatic museum
#5 Mount Fløyen

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