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Travel Guide of Sayulita in Mexico by Influencers

Sayulita is a small town located in Banderas Bay in the south of the Nayarit state on the Pacific Ocean, Mexico.

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Welcome to the Hatlas Travel's Guide of Sayulita !

Discover our travel guide of Sayulita in Mexico made of pictures from travel influencers and photographers.

What you will see and do in Sayulita:

  🐾 Wildlife     🏖️ Beach     🏖️ Surfing     🚢 Pier     🏖️ Ocean     🌴 Tropics  

Travel Tips for visiting Sayulita

Located between the mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental and the Pacific Ocean, Sayulita is a picturesque town filled with wooden houses located an hour away from the state of Nayarit. It's a small fishing village with delicious food and is also a spot that surfers love.

Sayulita is in constant expansion and attracts more and more travelers, while still managing to remain less crowded than other towns on the Riviera Maya. It's a place that promotes ecotourism, and what used to be a small village has grown thanks to locals and visitors who have made it a perfect place to have a great time, no matter your age. It has become a haven for hippie travelers, as it has kept all its authenticity. You will find lots of local crafts and fresh produce at the local market called "Mercado del Pueblo", which takes place once a week. The indigenous Huicholes, who live in the Sierra Madre, also create beautiful jewelry made of tiny, colorful glass beads, which can be a wonderful gift idea.

When discovering Sayulita, you should definitely check out the Marietta Islands. These volcanic islands are one of the most breathtaking places where you can spend the day admiring the beautiful wildlife. If you're lucky, you may even see a few gray whales! There are also many surf schools for those who would like to learn to surf. If you like challenges and discovering new activities, you can also try paddleboarding, which is also very popular. The Nanzal Hill and the Monkey Mountain are two popular hiking trails that wind through the forest and offer a panoramic view that stretches from Bahía de Banderas to San Blas. You can even hire a guide to go hiking or rent a bike and go quad biking. Other popular activities include rafting and zip-lining.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Sayulita

What are the best attractions to visit in Sayulita?

The best attractions to visit in Sayulita are Sayulita Beach, Monkey Mountain, Mercado del Pueblo and Playa de los Muertos.

Some of the most popular restaurants in Sayulita are Marcolino pasta y vino, Aaleyah's Nachos & Wings, and Anchor Café.

Yes, some popular Sayulita vacation rentals that have a pool are Casa Paloma, Jardin de las Palmas and Templito.

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Parish Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe

  36.0 km (22.4 miles) away from Sayulita

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