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Travel Guide of Ramtha in Jordan by Influencers and Travelers

Ar-Ramtha, colloquially transliterated as ar-Romtha, is a city situated in the far northwest of Jordan near the border with Syria. It covers 40km² in a flat location 30 km northeast of the Jordan River and Irbid.

The Best Things to Do and Visit in Ramtha


1 - Irbid

   15 km away

Irbid, known in ancient times as Arabella or Arbela, is the capital and largest city of the Irbid Governorate. It also has the second largest metropolitan population in Jordan after Amman, with a population of around 1,911,600.

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Irbid things to do in Ramtha

2 - Oval Plaza

   33 km away
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Oval Plaza things to do in Ramtha Oval Plaza things to do in Ramtha

3 - Jerash

   34 km away

Jerash is a city in northern Jordan. The city is the administrative center of the Jerash Governorate, and has a population of 50,745 as of 2015. It is located 48 kilometres north of the capital city Amman.

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Jerash things to do in Ramtha Jerash things to do in Ramtha

4 - Jerash Governorate

   34 km away

Jerash Governorate is one of 12 governorates in Jordan. It is located in the northwestern side of the country. The capital of the governorate is the city of Jerash.

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Jerash Governorate things to do in Ramtha

5 - Jerash Museum

   34 km away
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Jerash Museum things to do in Ramtha

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Ramtha, Jordan is the site of an ancient city that was once part of the kingdom of Moab. The city is mentioned in the Bible as the place where the Israelites defeated the Moabites. Excavations at the site have uncovered a number of ancient buildings, including a temple and a palace.

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