Captured by

Sterling Davis


Hailing from MA, Sterling has been a Los Angeles convert since '95. Sterling's photos of Los Angeles have drawn interest from various magazines and photo galleries worldwide. Sterling's work has been published in People, Us Weekly, and Wallpaper.

About this picture

This is a vantage point seen often on social media, and I wanted to find it, but no one was forthcoming with the info. I started to use Google Maps 3D to try and locate where this was. I knew the ballpark—it had to be northeast of downtown. So after many attempts trying to find this cluster of palm trees, I eventually came across what had to be the location. This area, within Lincoln Heights, has lovely views but is off the beaten path. It was time for me to go make my photograph. That will never get old. I’ve loved that process ever since I was a kid. Here’s to many more in 2018!

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