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Travel Guide of Ha Long Bay in Vietnam by Influencers and Travelers

Hạ Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and popular travel destination in Quảng Ninh Province, Vietnam. The name Hạ Long means "descending dragon". Administratively, the bay belongs to Hạ Long city, Cẩm Phả city, and is a part of Vân Đồn District. The bay features thousands of limestone karsts and isles in various shapes and sizes.

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Halong Bay is one of the most majestic and famous places in all of Vietnam.

Dotted with thousands of limestone islands with mysterious shapes, its discovery is one of the highlights of a trip to Vietnam. It has been photographed many times, but it is still fascinating, especially at dawn or at sunset when the jade-colored sea is completely illuminated. Legend has it that a benevolent dragon is at the origin of this landscape. The bay can be visited by boat, you can bathe there in season and discover the floating fishing villages that inhabit it. In the North of Vietnam, the famous Along Bay forms a grandiose site, with its 3000 granite islands and islets.

The name Along with means "dragon descending to the sea". According to the legend, a dragon from the mountains would have sheared the coastline with its tail, giving birth to the myriad of islands that we can admire today. Classified as a world heritage site by Unesco, Along Bay can be visited by boat to discover some amazing caves.
The Cave of Wonders is made of three rooms decorated with stalactites

  • the Hang Hanh cave, 2 km long
  • the Drum cave, is famous for its acoustics, etc.

The archipelago of Cat Ba, a compulsory passage of a cruise, has the largest island in the bay, half of which has become a national park. Fauna and flora thrive in this tropical paradise with more than 700 species of plants and 70 kinds of birds.

From Hanoi, by sea or land, the famous Along Bay or Halong, considered the eighth wonder of the world, welcomes tourists from all over the world for a cruise in turquoise waters dotted with islets that have emerged from nowhere. An essential step in your trip to Vietnam, Along the Bay, on land or by sea, will transport you into a mysterious atmosphere...

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay Vietnam : What to do?

  • Take a cruise (if possible with a night onboard) on Halong Bay, kayak, swim in the turquoise waters.
  • Stroll in the night market
  • Visit the fishing port in the typical part of Halong
  • Rent a bicycle on Cat Ba Island and in Along Bay.
  • Dau Go cave, monkey island
  • Quan Lan island and its sandy beach
  • Van Don archipelago, a small ecological paradise
  • Cat Ba island national park.

Halong Bay is located in the west of the Gulf of Tonkin, 170 km from Hanoi. Its 1553 km2 is composed of a core area and a buffer zone. The bay has a total of 1969 islands and islets of which 980 are still waiting for a name.

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