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A city with a French touch ...

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1 - Tau Pagoda - Thien Vuong Co Sat

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Tau Pagoda - Thien Vuong Co Sat things to do in Da Lat

2 - Trúc Lâm Temple

Trúc Lâm Temple is a Zen Buddhist temple outside the resort town of Da Lat, in Vietnam.

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Trúc Lâm Temple things to do in Da Lat

3 - Tiger Cave

   10 km away
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Tiger Cave things to do in Da Lat

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A city with a French touch 

The city of Dalat (Đà Lạt) is very different from anywhere else in Vietnam. You would almost be forgiven for thinking you had arrived in the French Alps in the spring.
The sense of being in France is accentuated by a radio pylon in the shape of the Eiffel Tower and the predilection of local bohemian artists walking around in their berets. There is even a restaurant that looks like the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris. The town is filled with Norman villas, Savoyard chalets, and Basque houses, as well as a French-style cathedral. Its railway station, famous here, was inspired by the one in Deauville. All this is due to the settlement of French colonists during the time of French Indochina.

A city on a human scale 

Da Lat is small enough to remain charming, and the surrounding countryside is beautiful with lakes, waterfalls, pine forests, and gardens.
The area produces silk and has large gardens of fruit, vegetables, and flowers (especially beautiful hydrangeas), which are sold throughout southern Vietnam. But the biggest contribution to the economy is tourism: more than 800,000 Vietnamese and 80,000 foreign tourists visit Dalat every year. It is a favorite destination for Vietnamese honeymooners.

Things to do in Da Lat

Go for a walk around Xuan Huong lake. The market of Da Lat is also to be done, indeed you will find their viennoiseries. There are also a lot of pastries in the city, which are the heritage of the French settlers. There is also a French high school in the city, the Lycée Yersin. From the old Da Lat station, you can reach Trai Mat by an old train. Not to be missed in Da Lat: the Saint Nicolas cathedral or the Hang Nag guesthouse, with its atypical architecture it is also called Crazy House. 

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Da Lat

When to visit Da Lat ?

Also known as "the city of eternal spring", temperatures in Da Lat range from a pleasant 15°C to 24°C. Dalat has two seasons: dry (December to March) and wet (April to November). Even during the rainy season, mornings normally remain dry, giving you time to visit the city before the deluge begins.

Whether from Ho Chi Minh City or from Nha Trang, the bus is the best way to reach Da Lat. Beware, the journey will not be easy as the roads are very poorly maintained. The roads are winding as you approach Da Lat. A bus from Mui Ne to Dalat takes 4 hours (for 3 to 4€ depending on the company). A Nha Trang - Dalat bus also takes 4 hours. It takes 8 hours to travel from Saigon to Dalat.

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