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Travel Guide of Scotland in United Kingdom by Influencers

Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. Covering the northern third of the island of Great Britain, mainland Scotland has a 96 mile border with England to the southeast and is otherwise surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west, the North Sea to the northeast and the Irish Sea to the south.

Welcome to the Hatlas Travel's Guide of Scotland !

Discover our travel guide of Scotland in United Kingdom made of pictures from travel influencers and photographers.

What you will see and do in Scotland:

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Travel Tips for visiting Scotland

Visiting Scotland, in the north of the United Kingdom, means discovering the wilderness through rolling landscapes, moors, lochs, cliffs and waterfalls.

From hiking in the Highlands to visiting Edinburgh, exploring the many Scottish castles, and taking a cruise on Loch Ness, you will find plenty of places to visit in Scotland! Mystical landscapes under the fog and the rain, which become fairy-like, as soon as the sun deigns to come out.

Start your stay with a visit to the capital city of Edinburgh.
Edinburgh is a very rich historical and cultural city, cradle of many legends. It is of course an essential part of a stay in Scotland.

Between Old Town, the medieval city, New Town, the Royal Mile and the Palace of Holyrood, you will have plenty of things to discover in Edinburgh.

Among the most famous places to visit in Scotland, it is impossible not to mention Loch Ness! 
Who has never heard of Loch Ness and its mysterious deep-sea inhabitant?

The second largest loch in Scotland, it is more than thirty kilometers long and has been made famous all over the world thanks to the legend of Nessie.
Loch Ness is located between Inverness in the North and Fort Augustus in the South, in the Highlands. Inverness, the capital of the region, is a good starting point for a tour of Scotland along Loch Ness.

Also discover the Jacobite Express, a picturesque steam train that was partly used to portray the Hogwarts Express in the films of the famous wizard Harry Potter. You can take an 84-mile train ride from Fort William to Mallaig, through the beautiful landscape of the Highlands.

Finally, don't hesitate to take a walk in the Glen Coe area. The Glen Coe Valley is one of the most beautiful areas of the country with its magnificent mountains and wet, green landscapes, both wild and bucolic.

It is a favorite spot for Scottish mountaineers. There are many trails for hiking.

Scotland is a country full of picturesque landscapes and fun activities to discover, so don't hesitate.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Scotland

What currency to use in Scotland?

In Scotland, we use the Scottish pound but also the English pound

To go to Scotland, you have to fly and land at one of the country's airports, such as the one in the capital Edinburgh

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