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Travel Guide of Bodrum in Turkey by Influencers

Bodrum is a district and a port city in Muğla Province, in the southwestern Aegean Region of Turkey. It is located on the southern coast of Bodrum Peninsula, at a point that checks the entry into the Gulf of Gökova, and is also the center of the eponymous district.

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What you will see and do in Bodrum:

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Travel Tips for visiting Bodrum

Bodrum is a city in southwest Turkey, located in the province of Mugla. The city was founded by the Greeks under the name of Halicarnassus. St. Peter's Castle is the emblem of Bodrum. It was built in the 15th century from the ruins of the mausoleum of King Carian Mausole. You can walk freely on the ramparts and enjoy the exceptional view that the castle offers, overlooking the Aegean Sea. It also houses a garden that showcases an important collection of Mediterranean plants. The Museum of Underwater Archeology is housed in St. Peter's Castle. The Museum has a very pleasant setting within the castle. The visit will give you the opportunity to admire its rooms full of history, but also magnificent panoramas. It is inconceivable to visit Bodrum without seeing the fifth of the seven wonders of the ancient world: the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. This historical monument was built in 350 BC. Columns surround the whole building and one can see friezes relating ancient battles. The visit of the ruins allows one to marvel at the vestiges of this incredible monument. The ancient theater is also a monument to visit during your stay. Today, local and international artists still perform on the site. It is a way to enjoy a beautiful ancient monument while having a good time. The theater is open every day and the entrance is free. You can enjoy an exceptional view of the city and the Aegean Sea from the theater. Visiting Bodrum also means enjoying one of the most famous nightlife in Turkey. The city is dotted with restaurants, bars and nightclubs that will make your evening unforgettable. Turkish specialties are featured in a number of restaurants. The Bodrum market is the most famous in the region for its diversity and authenticity. Here you can discover new flavors and typical Turkish dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Bodrum

What are the best areas to stay in Bodrum?

Staying in Bodrum depends on what you want to do, whether you are going with your family or for the nightlife, the choices will be different. Gumbet is the best area for those who like to party, the area is full of nightclubs, restaurants and stores. The Canna Garden hotel and the M Suit are very well rated.
But if you are looking for peace and quiet Gumusluk is the ideal area for families, Paradise Garden Apartments is an ideal hotel to stay at, only a few meters from the beach and the city center.

Bodrum is a peninsula with many beaches, so there is something for everyone. For swimming enthusiasts, Karaincir beach is a supervised and secure beach. For water sports enthusiasts Fener Beach is the ideal place with its strong winds, kite, and windsurfing. But if you are looking for rest and good seafood restaurants, we recommend the beaches of Kadikalesi beach, Gumbet beach and Gumusluk beach.

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