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Travel Guide of The Grand Palace in Thailand by Influencers and Travelers

The national museums of Thailand are operated by the Fine Arts Department of the Ministry of Culture, and are responsible for the safeguarding of state-owned historical and cultural artefacts.

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Learn More about The Grand Palace

If you had to choose only one visit to Bangkok, it would be the spectacular Grand Palace: the most famous emblem of the city

Built-in 1782 and for 150 years the home of the King of Thailand.

Bangkok's Grand Palace is a gigantic ancient structure that continues to impress its visitors with its beautiful architecture and intricate details.
It can be described as a proud tribute to the creativity and craftsmanship of the Thai people.

Today, the complex remains the spiritual heart of the Thai kingdom.

Characteristics of the Grand Palace

The Grand Palace has 12 doors: three doors are located on each of the four walls. 
These gates are all colored white and each of them is named after the four cardinal points.

Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Inside the palace are several impressive buildings including Wat Phra Kaew(Temple of the Emerald Buddha),
It contains the very famous and revered Emerald Buddha dating from the 14th century.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to The Grand Palace

How to get to the Grand Palace?

The palace is located near the Chao Praya River, in an area not covered by the SkyTrain or the subway (MRT).

 To get to the palace, the best way is to take a cab or a public boat.

When taking a taxi , do not hesitate to tell your driver your destination at Wat Phra Kaeo.

By boat, you can take the Silom Skytrain line and get off at Aphan Taksin station.

It is necessary to dress appropriately before visiting the Grand Palace. 

It is the most sacred place in Thailand. 

All visitors must dress appropriately before being allowed to enter the temple

Men need to wear long pants and shirts with sleeves.
Tank tops are not permitted. 

Visitors wearing sandals or flip-flops must wear socks, in other words, no bare feet.

As for women, they must be dressed modestly; that is, no bare shoulders, and no see-through clothing. 

For visitors wearing non-presentable clothing, a small store near the entrance can provide suitable clothing.

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