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Travel Guide of Koh Chang in Thailand by Influencers and Travelers

Ko Chang is an amphoe in Trat Province, Thailand. It is on the Gulf of Thailand's eastern seaboard, 300 km from Bangkok, near the border with Cambodia. The island Ko Chang occupies most of the district's land area, along with several smaller islands.

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The Best Things to Do and Visit around Koh Chang

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1 - Hat Klong Prao beach

   14 km away
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Hat Klong Prao beach things to do in Koh Chang

2 - Ko Wai

   23 km away

Ko Wai is a small island in Ko Chang Archipelago, Trat Province, eastern Thailand. The island has nice views over the other islands in the vicinity.

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Ko Wai things to do in Koh Chang

3 - Scuba Diving in Ko Chang

   12 km away

This is an entry level activity to a PADI Open Water Course without any commitment yo continue with the course. It includes a pre-dive pool session to master a safety drill least the day before two open water dives. Ensures familiarity with underwater breathing and equipment to producing a safer and more enjoyable experience in the open water. The activity is registered with PADI and becomes a substantial credit towards a PADI Open Water Course. No more than two students per instructor.

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Scuba Diving in Ko Chang things to do in Koh Chang

4 - Ko Mak

   43 km away

Ko Mak is a small island of Trat province, Thailand. It is a subdistrict of Ko Kut district. The island is named after the areca nut, also known as the "betel nut".

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Ko Mak things to do in Koh Chang Ko Mak things to do in Koh Chang

5 - Snorkeling in Ko Chang

   12 km away

Our boats go out everyday for diving, freediving, snorkeling and Padi courses. High or low season, we make sure we offer you a nice relaxed trip for a full or a half day. For the regular daytrips the boats are planned either to local coral sites, sometimes including the spectacular HTMS Chang ship wreck or to Koh Rang National Park where we enjoy the clear waters and pristine coral reefs of this protected area. Both areas are suited for diving, freediving and snorkeling. The Padi dive and freedive courses are run of the same boat as the daytrips, making it possible for family and friends to have a day out together even when doing different activities. The boats have plenty of space making them comfortable for boatjoiners as well. When we head to Koh Rang national park there is an extra entry fee of 200 bht for snorkelers

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Snorkeling in Ko Chang things to do in Koh Chang

6 - Kayaking Tours in Ko Chang

   12 km away

The bay around Bang bao is good fun to canoe, the open sea side has lovely cliffs, the bay itself is nice protected and calm. The adventurous can paddle out along the cliff side, for the less experienced you can paddle to the pier and have a nice stop in bang bao village for a walk on the pier and a lovely picture shoot.

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Kayaking Tours in Ko Chang things to do in Koh Chang

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Learn More about Koh Chang

Koh Chang, also known as Elephant Island, is a tourist destination that is no longer strange to Thai people but not yet popular with international tourists. If you are too familiar with Phuket, Bangkok, then try a new experience with the Koh Chang travel experience - The place where heaven calls. Koh Chang is an archipelago of 50 small islands located far from the shore, this is a former military base. Today, with the advantages that nature favors, Koh Chang has gradually become an attractive tourist destination of Thailand. Koh Chang is not too crowded and developed but has its own rustic charm. If you want to sightsee, swim, and relax, this deserves to be the top choice in Thailand (and the travel cost is also cheap).

From Bangkok to Koh Chang, you can take a bus of Koh Chang Express Bus with a travel time of about 6 hours to reach the island. To Koh Chang from the pier: From both sides of the boat Tha Thammachat and Tha Centrepoint, you can buy a train ticket to Koh Chang island with a travel time of about 30 to 45 minutes. Besides, traveling from Koh Kood to Koh Chang will take about 5 hours and from Koh Mak to Koh Chang about 1 hour.

Koh Chang Island has a natural area of up to 217 square kilometers surrounded by the sea and a national park, so coming here you have no shortage of places to have fun.

  • One of the interesting experiences in Koh Chang you cannot miss is scuba diving. In general, scuba diving in Koh Chang is not as favorable as on Koh Tao, but this is always an activity that many tourists welcome and experience.
  • If you have come to Koh Chang, one of the things you should not miss is to explore the neighboring islands such as Koh Mak, Koh Kood because these are all islands with super clear, super beautiful coastlines. super long and has yet to be worn down by the tourism industry. A walk, exploring the quiet, peaceful nature is extremely suitable for those with that soaring soul.
  • Mu Ko Chang National Park is a must-see tourist attraction in Koh Chang. You watch the sunset, you watch the sunrise through the trees on a clear day, it will be a memorable experience never to be forgotten. Currently, the national park is a place to preserve countless rare animals in Thailand.
  • Koh Chang in Thai means elephant island, coming here you must definitely try the feeling of riding an elephant through the forest. The elephants here are all tamed and ready for rent. Visiting Koh Chang primeval forest on elephant back will be a perfect experience for those who love to explore nature. The gentle big elephants will take you through the murmuring streams, weaving between the tropical trees.

Koh Chang cuisine is full of Thai cuisine with dishes that are processed in combination with Coconut to enhance the taste such as: Steamed shrimp with coconut water, squid with coconut butter sauce, seafood fried coconut rice, Tomyum... On Koh Chang island, there are dozens of restaurants serving dishes from Europe, Asia to traditional Thai dishes. In the central area of White sand beach, there are often restaurants with grilled food close to the sea. Grilled dishes are served with a special sauce made from local spices, spicy but unforgettable.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Koh Chang

How to buy a ticket from Bangkok to Koh Chang ?

YouYou can buy from the ticket booth in Bangkok or on the website

Yes we can book on Koh Chang express bus website

  1. Blue Lagoon Restaurant : Specializes in Asian and Thai food
  2. Sharky’s Restaurant & Grill : Specializes in European and seafood dishes

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