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Travel Guide of Varberg in Sweden by Influencers and Travelers

Varberg is a locality and the seat of Varberg Municipality, Halland County, Sweden, with 35,782 inhabitants in 2019. Varberg and all of Halland are well known for their "typical west coast" sandy beaches.

The Best Things to Do and Visit in Varberg


1 - Träslövsläge

Träslövsläge is a locality situated in Varberg Municipality, Halland County, Sweden, with 2,600 inhabitants in 2010. Träslövsläge has a fishing harbour.

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Träslövsläge things to do in Varberg

2 - Horred

   31 km away

Horred is a locality situated in Mark Municipality, Västra Götaland County, Sweden. It had 1,271 inhabitants in 2010.

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Horred things to do in Varberg

3 - Stand up Paddle in Varberg

Have you always wanted to learn how to SUP? Or just enjoy nature in a sporty way? Join the team in Varberg today, learn the SUP basics, and enjoy the scenery! SUP is both an exciting sport and a relaxing activity. You stand on a l...

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Stand up Paddle in Varberg things to do in Varberg

4 - Lygnern

   42 km away

Lygnern is a lake in the municipalities of Kungsbacka and Mark, western Sweden. With an area of 33 km², it is the largest lake in Halland County. Its main outflow is Rolfsån, which in turn empties out into the Kungsbacka Fjord. The lake serves as a source of drinking water for Kungsbacka.

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Lygnern things to do in Varberg Lygnern things to do in Varberg

5 - Haverdals Camping

   49 km away
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Haverdals Camping things to do in Varberg

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Why should you visit Varberg ?

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Learn More about Varberg

Varberg, a surfer's paradise and much more Varberg is a town in western Sweden and the capital of the municipality of the same name. It is located in Halland County, between Kungsbacka in the north and Falkenberg in the south. Varberg is a port city of 25,000 inhabitants, 77 km south of Gothenburg, and is one of the departure points for ferries to Denmark. But it is also a destination of choice for Swedish vacationers who come to enjoy the sea, and especially for its nudist beaches, famous throughout the country! It is clear that the place is ideal because nature is omnipresent in this region. You can observe birds, swim in the sea (even in winter, after a sauna in the thermal baths) and walk in this beautiful area. In terms of culture, Varberg's main attraction is its fortress, inherited from the time of Danish rule. The charming destination of Varberg, less than 40 km north of Falkenberg, is attractive all year round but is known as a surfing mecca in summer. With 2.5 km of sandy beach, it's easy to see why. When you arrive at the harbor area, you will immediately distinguish the imposing Varberg fortress whose oldest parts date back to the 13th century. Venture into the courtyard and you will find the entrance to the Halland Museum of Cultural History. This majestic bastion houses the extraordinary Bocksten man (Bockstensmannen). The preserved remains of this medieval gentleman, including his clothes and oak cane, were found in a swamp in the Varberg area in 1936. After enjoying all that Varberg has to offer, from invigorating outdoor activities to its fascinating history and culture, head to John's Place for an informal meal with a fire-roasted meat feast by the sea.

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