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Travel Guide of Gamla stan in Sweden by Influencers and Travelers

Gamla stan, until 1980 officially Staden mellan broarna, is the old town of Stockholm, Sweden. Gamla stan consists primarily of the island Stadsholmen.

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Visit Gamla Stan, the Stockholm's old town, it is a must-see on your holiday in Sweden. Founded in the 13th century, this medieval city is one of the best preserved in Europe, stretching from the islands of Stadsholmen to Riddarholmen and Helgeandsholmen. It has a lot of charm, with winding streets lined with old, colourful houses, picturesque squares, shops and Swedish handicraft shops. There are also many historic buildings such as the Royal Palace, Stockholm Cathedral, the Nobel Museum and Riddarholmen Church. Wandering through the maze of narrow streets is the best way to discover the little things of local life. Sometimes the ivy falls and the trees protrude from between the stones. And, at the corner of buildings, the charming Köpmantorget square and its sculpture of Saint George slaying the dragon, Mårten Trotzigs gränd, a narrow passageway taken over by street artists next to Järntorget, Kornhamnstorg, a very lively square with many lively terraces.

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