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Travel Guide of Galle in Sri Lanka by Influencers

Galle is a major city in Sri Lanka, situated on the southwestern tip, 119 km from Colombo. Galle is the provincial capital and largest city of Southern Province, Sri Lanka and is the capital of Galle District.

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Travel Tips for visiting Galle

Galle, on the south coast of Sri Lanka, is the typical example of a charming city, as if frozen in time. Galle is a walled city, surrounded by ramparts, on the sea. 

Windy beaches and sloping palms surround this colonial gem, a fort built in the 16th century by the Portuguese, while the rest of the city is dotted with Dutch-style houses, quirky stores, whitewashed mansions, and heritage museums. When you enter Galle, you pass through an enclosure, you physically pass into another space. This physical barrier accentuates this cut between the colonial city and the rest of the country, making Galle an atypical city.

The main and almost exclusive activity in Galle? Simply strolling through the streets and alleys. Walk around the ramparts, sit in a café, and admire its many historical buildings, mainly from the Dutch occupation. Like the lighthouse, the Methodist church, or the fort. But it is the whole of its buildings which gives so much charm to the city.

You can go to the foot of the old clock that you should see on your right when you enter. To finish with the must-sees of Galle Fort, don't hesitate to go to the south of the fort to admire the beautiful Lighthouse, which is the oldest in Sri Lanka!

The old town of Galle is a magical place; there is only one rule: stroll through the quiet streets of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will be surprised by the old mansions skillfully renovated, with welcoming patios. The locals are very friendly and open, the restaurants are diverse, and there is no shortage of chic stores. It's a must-see place that leaves no one indifferent. From the top of the city walls, you can admire a beautiful view of the sea.

You can also take advantage of your stay to go swimming, Pitiwella Beach, Unuwatuna, or Jungle Beach are good options in the area to have dreamy scenery and activity options.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Galle

In which area of Galle to stay for the night ?

Galle has a beautiful fort, if you want to soak up the special historical atmosphere, don't hesitate to book accommodation inside the fort. The Fort Bazaar is a great place to stay!

The best months to visit Galle is from December to April, as there is little rain and the weather is dry. The rest of the year, avoid the monsoons, which will make your stay not pleasant.

The Galle Fort can be visited in half a day, but to visit the beaches of Galle and other sites to visit, we recommend you to spend at least 2 days, do not hesitate to sleep in the fortress of the city, you will be conquered by the special atmosphere that prevails.

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