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Travel Guide of Diyathalawa in Sri Lanka by Influencers and Travelers

Diyatalawa is a former garrison town in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, in the Badulla District of Uva Province. It is situated at an altitude of 1,499 m and has become a popular destination for local holiday makers.

The Best Things to Do and Visit in Diyathalawa


1 - Ravana Falls

   11 km away

Ravana Falls is a popular sightseeing attraction in Sri Lanka. It currently ranks as one of the widest falls in the country.

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Ravana Falls things to do in Diyathalawa

2 - Ella

   12 km away

Ella is a small town in the Badulla District of Uva Province, Sri Lanka governed by an Urban Council. It is approximately 200 kilometres east of Colombo and is situated at an elevation of 1,041 metres above sea level.

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Ella things to do in Diyathalawa Ella things to do in Diyathalawa

3 - Safaris in Nuwara Eliya

   24 km away

I offer the best tours of Ella and you will not be disappointed! Check out my reviews on TripAdvisor and Facebook and come for an unforgettable day seeing the best of Sri Lanka! Direct can be contact and discussed before booking reservation pleace (owner of page Ella Sight Seeing tours contact us directly.

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Safaris in Nuwara Eliya things to do in Diyathalawa

4 - Ohiya

   12 km away

Ohiya is a rural village located in Badulla District of Uva Province, Sri Lanka. It is much closer to the Horton Plains National Park. The picturesque Colombo -Badulla Railway runs through Ohiya. Ohiya is in the Welimada Divisional Secretariat Division and the Grama Niladhari Division number is 62A. Ohiya is one of the most scenic places in Sri Lanka. On a clear day the view from the Ohiya Gap/Dondra Watch extends up to the southern coast of Sri Lanka.

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Ohiya things to do in Diyathalawa

5 - Ravana's Cave

   12 km away
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Ravana's Cave things to do in Diyathalawa

6 - Shore Excursions in Nuwara Eliya

   24 km away

Select my tour if you are interested in seeing some of the sights around Ella. I will show you to unpopular places with tourists. And if you want customize your tour please don't hesisate to contact me.

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Shore Excursions in Nuwara Eliya things to do in Diyathalawa

7 - Little Adam's Peak

   13 km away
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Little Adam's Peak things to do in Diyathalawa Little Adam's Peak things to do in Diyathalawa

8 - Bambarakanda Falls

   14 km away

Bambarakanda Falls is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. With a height of 263 m, it ranks as the 461st highest waterfall in the world. Situated in Kalupahana in the Badulla District, this waterfall is 5 km away from the A4 Highway. The waterfall was formed by Kuda Oya, which is a tributary of the Walawe River. The Bambarakanda Falls can be found in a forest of pine trees.

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Bambarakanda Falls things to do in Diyathalawa Bambarakanda Falls things to do in Diyathalawa

9 - Wildlife Watching in Nuwara Eliya

   24 km away

This is an opportunity to tick few wishes from your bucket list. Everyone would visit Ella rock but not many of them would enjoy the peaceful sunrise from the top with less humens and more nature around them. We will start this hiking from Ella town at 3:30 in the morning. We will walk along a railway for 2km and will start hiking from that point on. Sunrise will happen around 6 and it's so beautiful before that time. Hike doesn't take 2:30h, we will take some brakes along the way. To catch a breath, To have a sip of water, listen to the sounds coming from the nature, to capture the moment (monkey has an eye for photography) and to look up to the sky searching for shooting stars. Once we reach to the top you can just sit and relax, try some yoga or meditation while waiting for the sunrise. I will never rush you to leave the place. So when you have enough of it, we will come back in the same way. Will stop by at Kithalella waterfall. and we will finish around 9-10am.)

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Wildlife Watching in Nuwara Eliya things to do in Diyathalawa

10 - Horton Plains National Park

   17 km away

Horton Plains National Park is a national park in the central highlands of Sri Lanka that was designated in 1988. It is located at an elevation of 2,100–2,300 m and encompasses montane grassland and cloud forest.

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Horton Plains National Park things to do in Diyathalawa Horton Plains National Park things to do in Diyathalawa

11 - Baker's Falls

   19 km away

Baker's Falls is a famous waterfall in Sri Lanka. It is located in the Horton Plains National Park, on a tributary of the Belihul Oya. The height of the Baker's waterfalls is 20 metres. The falls were named after British explorer and big game hunter, Sir Samuel Baker. Many Rhododendron and Fern bushes can be seen around the waterfall.

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Baker's Falls things to do in Diyathalawa Baker's Falls things to do in Diyathalawa

12 - Archaeology Tours in Nuwara Eliya

   24 km away

(SKU: LK74090200) This 5-hour hike gives you a chance to experience the Sri Lankan countryside in a hike up to the summit of Little Adam’s Peak and on a cross country hike across to Demodara Railway Station. See the great views from the summit of Little Adams Peak. Walk over the famous Nine Arches Bridge with its rampant history. Hike to the Demodara Railway Station and see the unique looping railroad, a piece of architecture that is only present at Demodara in Sri Lanka.

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Archaeology Tours in Nuwara Eliya things to do in Diyathalawa

13 - Dunhinda Falls

   26 km away

Dunhinda Falls is a waterfall located about 5 kilometres from Badulla in the lower central hills of Sri Lanka. The waterfalls are purported to be one of the country’s most beautiful waterfalls.

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Dunhinda Falls things to do in Diyathalawa Dunhinda Falls things to do in Diyathalawa

14 - Nuwara Eliya

   48 km away

Nuwara Eliya is a city in the hill country of the Central Province, Sri Lanka. Its name means "city on the plain" or "city of light". The city is the administrative capital of Nuwara Eliya District, with a picturesque landscape and temperate climate. It is at an altitude of 1,868 m and is considered to be the most important location for tea production in Sri Lanka. The city is overlooked by Pidurutalagala, the tallest mountain in Sri Lanka. Nuwara Eliya is known for its temperate, cool climate – the coolest area in Sri Lanka.

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Nuwara Eliya things to do in Diyathalawa Nuwara Eliya things to do in Diyathalawa

15 - Bird Watching in Nuwara Eliya

   24 km away

Diyaluma Falls is 220 m (720 ft) high and the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and 361st highest waterfall in the world.It is situated 6 km(3.7 mi) away from Koslanda in Badulla District on Colombo-Badulla highway. The Falls are formed by Punagala Oya, a tributary of Kuda Oya which in turn, is a tributary of Kirindi Oya.In Sinhalese, Diyaluma or Diya Haluma means "rapid flow of water" or may be translated as "liquid light". According to Sri Lankan historian, Dr. R. L. Brohier, Diyaluma is the setting of the folklore about a tragedy involving a young chieftain who had been banished to the highlands and the attempt by his betrothed to join. As all the passes were guarded the young man let down a rope of twisted creepers over the escarpment, as she was hauled up she was dashed against the rocks and died. The Gods, moved to pity by the harrowing spectacle, caused a stream of water to gush from the mountain and veil all evidence of the tragedy in a watery light, hence the term Diyaluma

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Bird Watching in Nuwara Eliya things to do in Diyathalawa

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Why should you visit Diyathalawa ?

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Learn More about Diyathalawa

Diyatalawa is a town in Sri Lanka. It is located in the Central Province, in the Badulla District. Diyatalawa is a popular tourist destination because of its close proximity to the Horton Plains National Park (a paradise for hikes and waterfalls lovers). Also, the city is the main training institute of the Sri Lankan Army, training cadets from enlistment to commissioning.

Some travel tips for Diyatalawa Sri Lanka :

  • 1 Sri Lankan Rupee = $USD 0.0027 (October 2022)
  • Pack light, as the weather is generally hot and humid. It is also advised to wear comfortable shoes as there is a lot of walking involved in sightseeing.
  • Try to use public transportation when travelling around Sri Lanka, as it is both cheap and reliable. Inside buses, please keep in mind that usually the front seats are kept for clergy.
Bus tickets prices go from 40 LKRs to 4390 LKRs (from $0.11 to $12) depending on how far you go and what kind of bus you use (private, with or without air conditionning...). Get more informations on the official bus website here. Of course, you will have
  • Be aware of your surroundings and be cautious of pickpockets.

There are many great travel experiences in Diyatalawa, Sri Lanka. One of the most memorable experiences is hiking to the top of Adam's Peak. This hike is not for the faint of heart, but the views from the top are absolutely breathtaking. Let's see what else there is to discover in the Badulla District...

Beautiful places to visit in Diyatalawa

Lipton's Seat 

At 1h from Diyatalawa, go up to Lipton's Seat. You will discover the history of this bush brought back from England by Mr. Thomas Lipton in the 19th century. The bumpy 1-hour tuk tuk ride from Haputale is a unique experience. Your driver can stop on the way so you can take pictures. When you arrive, at 1890 meters high, you will find the statue of Mr Lipton, on his bench. As if he was waiting for you
From this point of arrival, you can admire the green landscapes of the most famous plantations of the island. Enjoy the mountains as far as the eye can see. To enjoy it, it is better to have a clear day and therefore early in the morning (before 10am).
No need for a guided tour on site, the brochure will give you all the necessary information. Enjoy the tea plantations at your own pace during your walk down (about 10 km) and meet the tea pickers, watch their picking techniques, chat with them and all the locals you will meet. Everyone is smiling! It is also possible to go back down by bus or by tuktuk.

Diyaluma Falls

About 1h30 from Diyatalawa, this spectacular waterfall is the second highest in Sri Lanka (219 m/721 ft). After an impressive climb (but doable even by children), bathe in the small pools at the top.

Horton Plains National Park

This park is about 1h20 away from Diyatalawa. Inside this animals and nature’s haven of peace, you will find mysterious and breathtaking sceneries, especially lakes and waterfalls which are loved by tourists and hiking lovers.
The most known is definitely Bambarakanda waterfall. With a height of 263 m (863 ft) it is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka.
Not far, but still a hidden gem of the National Park, Lanka Ella waterfall is a beautiful treat. Note that it is known and possible to see leopards, which are a flagship species for conservation in Horton Plains.

St Benedict’s Monastery Adisham (also called Adisham Hall or Bungalow)

This is a beautiful monastery but also a place you can stay for a few days (reservation required), in Haputale (a 20-minute drive from Diyatalawa). It was built by Sir Thomas Villiers, a Scottish planter, in 1931.
The priests who manage Adisham Bungalow generate an income from the fruits of the orchard: this is why you will find jams, vine and other products for sale. This is a birds lovers paradise as well as it is a bird sanctuary.

Little Adam's Peak

This is an easy walk (duable with kids) in Ella area. It offers magnificent views. It is very touristic so do not expect to be on your own. But, if you want a one/one meeting with nature, you might enjoy ziplining over the lush and iconic Sri Lankan landscapes.

The Best Things to do in Diyatalawa

Most of the best things to do in Diyatalawa can be done on your own : Lipton's Seat, any falls, Horton Plains National Park, St Benedict’s Monastery Adisham, Little Adam's Peak...
But if you need a break from driving, want to have a local point of view, more details about history or you want to go a little bit further outside Diyatalawa area, plenty activities are available and can be booked in advance, for example:
Hiking to Ella Rock and enjoying an amazing sunrise
Being guided through Ella Rock & 9 Arch Bridge, Little Adams Peak
Embarking a safari through Udawalawa National Park

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Diyathalawa

Does Diyatalawa have a railway station?

Yes, most of Sri Lankan cities have a railway station because it is a very used public transportation either for tourists but also for worker and parcel transporters, as you can see on the railway official websiteThis is not a protected website. Do not enter any personal information by anytime.

Plan to visit Diyatalawa on January, June or July. Indeed, those are the months with warm temperatureand little precipitation.

The more convenient way to get around Diyatalawa, and Sri Lanka in general, is to use taxis or tuk tuk (drivers know the roads better than anyone else) and you might have the chance to be driven by the same driver for all your rides.
The cheapest way is to take public transportation as trains or buses – it also is the slowest way…
And if you don’t mind, you can rent a car, but watch out for the roads…

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