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Travel Guide of Dambulla in Sri Lanka by Influencers

Dambulla is a town situated in the north of Matale District, Central Province of Sri Lanka. It is the second largest population centre in district. It is situated 148 km north-east of Colombo, 43 km north of Matale and 72 km north of Kandy. Due to its location at a major junction, it is the centre of major vegetable distribution in the country.

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Travel Tips for visiting Dambulla

Located 72km from Kandy, Dambulla is a fairly large town, which is considered as a "head market" specializing in distributing vegetables and agricultural products throughout the country. But that's not what makes this place a landmark. On the tourist map of Sri Lanka, the name Dambulla is almost associated with Cave Temple or Golden Temple - Cultural heritage recognized by Unesco in 1991.

A temple built inside large caves with countless large and small Buddha statues with meticulous and sophisticated drawings and sculptures on the walls and ceiling of the cave. It can be counted that there are a total of 5 caves with 153 Buddha statues, 03 statues of the kings of Sri Lanka, 04 statues of gods and goddesses. These caves are also known as shrine rooms and were built in different time periods, of which the fifth cave is considered to have the least historical value because it was built last. To fully understand the meaning and historical value of this attraction, visitors can hire an on-site guide to follow the explanations. Hang Pagoda used to sell entrance tickets for visitors, about $15, but recently this regulation has been abolished. Visitors to the temple do not have to pay any fees.

To get to Cave Temple, just go to the bus station (there are many bus stops in Kandy, so please specify where to go so the driver can take you to the right stop), find a car with a sign to go to Dambulla and then climb up. , the price is about 100 rupees/person/turn. The pagoda is located right off the road, opposite a green park. The road from Kandy to here is very beautiful, there are passages like in a fairy tale, when the ancient trees on both sides of the road fall head-to-head into a green arch and turn the road into a sunlit tunnel.

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