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Travel Guide of Madrid in Spain by Influencers

Madrid is the capital and most populous city of Spain. The city has almost 3.3 million inhabitants and a metropolitan area population of approximately 6.5 million.

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Welcome to the Hatlas Travel's Guide of Madrid !

Discover our travel guide of Madrid in Spain made of pictures from travel influencers and photographers.

What you will see and do in Madrid:

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Travel Tips for visiting Madrid

Madrid is the capital and largest city of Spain. Located in the central part of the kingdom, it is also the capital and most populous city of the Community of Madrid. As the state capital, it is home to most of the country's political institutions, including the royal residence, the seat of government and the parliament.

It has a population of approximately 3.3 million inhabitants within a total area of 604.3 km2, within an urban area of approximately 6.5 million inhabitants in 2014. Counting its intramural population, Madrid is the second largest city in the European Union, after Berlin.

For sightseeing and fun, nothing beats a weekend in Madrid ! Humane and accessible, the Spanish capital is a nugget that can be appreciated for its cultural wealth but also for its unique atmosphere.
Marked by the influence of the Habsburgs and then the Bourbons, Madrid is full of masterpieces. Don't miss the paintings by Velasquez and Goya in the Prado museum! The city also has a lot to offer in terms of squares, from the bucolic Plaza de la Villa to the theatrical Plaza Mayor. But Madrid is best discovered by wandering through the old streets of the Rastro or Latina, where the colourful buildings with their wrought iron balconies look like something out of an Almodovar film.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Madrid

Who runs Madrid ?

The President of the Community of Madrid (in Spanish: Presidente de la Comunidad de Madrid) is the head of government of the Spanish autonomous community of the Community of Madrid. The current holder of this post is, since 17 August 2019 , the conservative Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

Madrid is known worldwide for its cultural wealth and the impressive number of museums that call the capital home. But don't miss the lively squares, historic gateways, religious buildings and royal palaces that help shape the identity of the Spanish capital.

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