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Travel Guide of Signal Hill in South Africa by Influencers and Travelers

Signal Hill, or Lion's Rump, is a landmark flat-topped hill located in Cape Town, next to Lion's Head and Table Mountain. The hill was also known as "The Lion's Flank", a term now obsolete. Together with Lion's Head, Signal Hill looks like a lion sphinx.

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Signal Hill offers a panoramic view of the city of Cape Town. Admission is free, and you can get there by car, Uber, or the Cape Town Red Bus. If you are in Cape Town during the peak season, it is recommended that you drive there as soon as possible. Signal Hill starts at Kloof Neck where you turn right if you are heading towards Camps Bay from Cape Town. As soon as you turn right, you will begin the scenic and steep drive to Signal Hill. The winding road leads to the top of Signal Hill, where you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the ocean, mountains and buildings. This is definitely one of the best and easiest places to go to see the amazing views of Cape Town. Why Signal Hill is a must if you are visiting Cape Town. 1. great picnic spot Signal Hill is one of the best picnic spots in Cape Town and is a great place to go with your significant other, family or friends. It is a great place to view Table Mountain, the ocean and Robben Island. Don't forget to bring a picnic bag and a picnic blanket. If you don't have a picnic basket, don't worry, there are several stores that sell snacks and drinks. There are also benches and tables available if you don't want to spread a blanket on the floor. It gets cold at night, so don't forget to bring a jacket. 2. Table Mountain Yellow Flame The yellow frame on Table Mountain is very popular and most people will want to take a picture in the yellow frame with Table Mountain in the background. 3. Noongan Signal Hill is home to the Noon Gun, which was first fired in 1806. The noon gun is fired every day except Sundays and holidays. 4. a great place to watch the sunset Signal Hill is the perfect spot to chill and watch the beautiful African sunset while enjoying the starry sky and the lights of Cape Town. 5. paragliding flight If paragliding is on your bucket list, there is nothing better than paragliding from Signal Hill. It's an exhilarating experience with beautiful views of Cape Town.

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