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Travel Guide of Johannesburg in South Africa by Influencers

Johannesburg, informally known as Jozi, Joburg or "the city of gold", is the largest city in South Africa and one of the 50 largest urban areas in the world.

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What you will see and do in Johannesburg:

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Travel Tips for visiting Johannesburg

Johannesburg is situated at an altitude of 1800 metres: it is developing at great speed, resembling Manhattan with its skyscrapers. Johannesburg is also still very much marked by the Apartheid era and one can still see the scars between the dense city centre and the residential suburbs that border the huge townships like Soweto further south. However, Joburg (the city's nickname for Johannesburg lovers) is very attractive: like the city of Los Angeles, it is possible to drive all the time, there are almost no pedestrian crossings. A very big city where you have to take your time to explore because there seems to be a thousand things to discover. But what to see in Johannesburg? What to do in this bustling and lively city? 1 The Apartheid Museum, which illustrates the rise and fall of the era of segregation and oppression in South Africa, is a must-see museum. Films, texts, audio and explanations provide a chilling insight into the architecture and implementation of the apartheid system, as well as inspiring stories of the struggle for democracy. The museum is a vital resource for gaining an understanding of the inequalities and tensions that still exist today. It is located 8 km south of the city centre, just off the M1 motorway. A visit to the museum is an overwhelming experience; one room is particularly harrowing to see, in which 131 nooses are hung, representing the 131 opponents of the government who were executed under anti-terrorism laws. 2. The Newtown area This is Johannesburg's cultural district: you will find theatres (notably the Market Theatre), concerts in the various halls in the district. The Newtown area is recognisable by the small African-looking wooden statuettes on the pavements. From here you can reach the Nelson Mandela Bridge, which crosses the railway line into the centre. This is also where the Museum Africa is located.

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