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Travel Guide of Bratislava in Slovakia by Influencers and Travelers

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. With a population of about 430,000, it is one of the smaller capitals of Europe but still the country's largest city. The greater metropolitan area is home to more than 650,000 people.

The Best Things to Do and Visit in Bratislava


1 - Bratislava Castle

Bratislava Castle is the main castle of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The massive rectangular building with four corner towers stands on an isolated rocky hill of the Little Carpathians directly above the Danube river in the middle of Bratislava.

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Bratislava Castle things to do in Bratislava Bratislava Castle things to do in Bratislava

2 - Michael's Gate

In Bratislava, Slovakia, Michael's Gate is the only city gate that has been preserved of the medieval fortifications and ranks among the oldest town buildings.

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Michael's Gate things to do in Bratislava

3 - Shore Excursions in Bratislava

Don’t miss this unique culinary experience! We will take you away from the crowds to the traditional restaurants that are loved by the locals. You will get to taste Slovak’s best and most unique dishes like Treska v majonéze or Bryndzove halusky, and, of course, Kofola – the popular local cola! As you walk the backstreets of Bratislava, your local foodie guide will tell you many fascinating facts and stories about the sights you pass. Our mission is to provide you not only with the experience of local food, but also with a taste of Bratislava itself! Come hungry, in both body and mind, as we dive into the essentials of Slovak food, history & culture. You’ll arrive as a curious traveler and leave feeling like a well-fed local ready to continue discovering Bratislava on your own.

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Shore Excursions in Bratislava things to do in Bratislava

4 - Most SNP

Most SNP, commonly referred to as Most Slovenského národného povstania or the UFO Bridge, and named Nový most from 1993 to 2012, is a road bridge over the Danube in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.

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Most SNP things to do in Bratislava Most SNP things to do in Bratislava

5 - Most Apollo

Apollo Bridge in Bratislava is a road bridge over the Danube in the capital of Slovakia. It is located between the Starý most and Prístavný most Bridges, a site which allowed almost perpendicular bridging, resulting in the shortest possible span.

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Most Apollo things to do in Bratislava

6 - Culinary Tour in Bratislava

Food tours run every day starting at 1 PM (upon request different time is possible). Meeting point is Svatopluk Statue at Bratislava Castle. Duration is approx. 4 hours. Group size is 2 – 8 hungry travellers (for private tours up to 15 participants). Pre-booking is necessary

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Culinary Tour in Bratislava things to do in Bratislava

7 - St. Martin's Cathedral

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St. Martin's Cathedral things to do in Bratislava

8 - Van Gogh murals (UNKNOWN)

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Van Gogh murals (UNKNOWN) things to do in Bratislava

9 - Mountain Bike Tours in Bratislava

Beer Bike Bratislava is a fun ride through the streets of old town of Bratislava with craft beer from local brewers or bottles of prosecco. Up to 14 people can pedal while drinking tasty cold fresh beer/prosecco. The pedaling is fun and in case people are tired, the Beer Bike has an electric motor. Our Beer Bike is equipped with audio system with bluetooth so you can listen and sing your favourite songs! During the whole ride a nice barmaid/bartender serves your beer or prosecco. Beer Bike Bratislava includes 14 seats (10 of them can pedal and 4 of them can just sit and enjoy the ride) Beer Bike is a great option to celebrate your Birthday, Teambuilding for companies, bachelor/ette parties, or just for groups of friends enjoying the best local beer. Enjoy a 90 minutes ride across the old town of Bratislava!

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Mountain Bike Tours in Bratislava things to do in Bratislava

10 - Church of the Order of St. Clare

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Church of the Order of St. Clare things to do in Bratislava

11 - View Behind Town Hall

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View Behind Town Hall things to do in Bratislava

12 - Castle Tours in Bratislava

See the top sightseeing spots and get to know the history of Bratislava on the city’s best walking tour.

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Castle Tours in Bratislava things to do in Bratislava

13 - Sushi Bar Tokyo

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Sushi Bar Tokyo things to do in Bratislava

14 - UFO Observation Deck

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UFO Observation Deck things to do in Bratislava

15 - Archaeology Tours in Bratislava

Interested in history and wine tasting? Excellent! These impressive ruins have amazing surroundings, rich history and are easily reachable from the city center by car in 30 minutes. For photography lovers this is a place that simply must be added to your collection. The guided tour starts with the Devin Castle tour. Enjoy with us a place, where from one point you will see: two countries, two rivers meeting and the ruins of a castle that was blown up by Napoleon’s army. After the castle tour, your next stop will be the cozy local wine tavern “Viecha Sv. Urbana v Devíne”, situated just a few minutes walk from the castle, you will experience the traditional taste of currant wine, so typical for this location.

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Archaeology Tours in Bratislava things to do in Bratislava

16 - Smolenice

   46 km away

Smolenice is a village and municipality of Trnava District in the Trnava Region of Slovakia, on the foothills of the Little Carpathians. It is 60 km northeast of Bratislava and 25 km northwest of Trnava. The village is made of two parts, Smolenice and Smolenická Nová Ves.

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Smolenice things to do in Bratislava

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Learn More about Bratislava

From the castle to its quirky statues, from the blue churches to its nightlife - livelier than you might think - are you ready to get to know Slovakia's capital? What to see and do in Bratislava 1. Castle Climb up to the Castle, undoubtedly the star of Bratislava. If you want to get to know its history well (and also take the opportunity to discover the rest of the city's main sights), we recommend you sign up for some of the tours and activities around the city. It is undoubtedly the symbol of the city. Surrounded by walls and with beautiful views of the Danube, it stands on top of a hill just outside the old town. Don't miss it because it's a must-see in Bratislava. Tip: we recommend you take this free tour to learn all the secrets and history of this castle. 2. St. Michael's Gate and Free tour Head to St. Michael's Gate, one of the four gates that once formed the city fortress (and the only one still standing). St. Michael's Gate and the nearby St. Michael's Bridge are two of the stops on this free tour of Bratislava. Don't hesitate to sign up (it's free, though of course you'll have to tip the guide at the end). 3. Bratislava Cathedral Visit the Bratislava Cathedral. Dedicated to St. Martin, it is the most important religious building in the city thanks to its historical value: it is here, in fact, that the coronations of several sovereigns were celebrated. 4. Grassalkovicov Palace Admire the Grassalkovicov Palace, where the President of Slovakia is lucky enough to live. It is the white house of the country. It is in the rococo-tardo-baroque style and has a beautiful garden, which is nowadays open to the public.

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