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Travel Guide of Sentosa in Singapore by Influencers and Travelers

Sentosa Island, known mononymously as Sentosa, is an island located off the southern coast of Singapore's main island. The island is separated from the main island of Singapore by a channel of water, the Keppel Harbour, and is adjacent to Pulau Brani, a smaller island wedged between Sentosa and the main island.

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Located only 500 m from Singapore, Sentosa, the island is the southernmost point of the Asian continent. The island of peace and tranquility, has not always had this beautiful name. It was first called Pulau Blakang, which means "the island of death". Pirates used to hide on nearby Pulau Brani, attacking merchant ships and dumping the dead bodies on Pulau Blakang. Raffles put a stop to this. In the 1880s, the British army built a military fortress, Fort Siloso, located at the northern tip of the island. It is the only surviving British fortification in Singapore. In 1967, when the British troops withdrew after Singapore's declaration of independence, the island was returned to the new state government. Less than a decade later, the site was opened to the public to showcase part of Singapore's colonial and military past. Today, this small island of 3.5 km² has become a tourist resort with 100% artificial beaches and theme parks. To boost its appeal, Sentosa was given a gigantic resort that cost more than 4 billion dollars. After three years of construction, Resort World Sentosa opened in early 2010 with the casino as its main attraction; it also has six hotels, about 60 restaurants and four theme parks, including Universal Studios. If the parks and gambling hell don't appeal to you, you can always have lunch at the beach clubs on the south side of the island. Although it may seem (and is) very touristy, we recommend going there to take the typical Singapore trip photo.

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