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Travel Guide of Marina Bay in Singapore by Influencers

Marina Bay is a bay located in the Central Area of Singapore surrounded by the perimeter of four other planning areas, the Downtown Core, Marina East, Marina South and Straits View.

Welcome to the Hatlas Travel's Guide of Marina Bay !

Discover our travel guide of Marina Bay in Singapore made of pictures from travel influencers and photographers.

What you will see and do in Marina Bay:

  🌆 Skyline     🗼 Landmark     🌉 Bridge     🏘️ Town     🏞️ Waterway     🏰 Temple  

Travel Tips for visiting Marina Bay

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore: The highest pool in the world

The futuristic and luxurious Marina Bay Sands Hotel has quickly become the iconic building of Singapore.
This superstructure is fascinating. The hotel is actually made up of 3 towers of 55 floors connected at the top by a surfboard-shaped SkyPark.
Up there, there is an unusual swimming pool, famous cafes and restaurants, and even greenery.

Marina Bay Sands is an important hotel complex composed of 3 5-star hotels located in Singapore. 
It is known for its specific architecture in the shape of an ocean liner and its pool located on the 55th floor.

Its breathtaking view of the Singapore Marina makes it:

one of the most incredible hotels in the world.

The Marina Bay Sands has more than 2500 rooms ranging from the Deluxe Room of 39 m2 to the Chairman Suite of 629 m2.
The Chairman Suite has three spacious bedrooms, a living room overlooking the city, a Jacuzzi with its private terrace.
Pricing is available upon request.

Opened in June 2010, this resort has a casino with over 1600 slot machines and 500 gaming tables.

Everything has been planned for the comfort of customers, a conference hall of 120,000m2, a shopping mall, six restaurants, a museum of Arts and Sciences, two theaters.

Its construction would have cost 8 billion dollars.

Its boat-shaped terrace, covering one hectare, has the highest infinity pool in the world.
Suspended at a height of 200 meters.
The Sands SkyPark was designed to accommodate 3900 people.

Its 160m long pool, three times the length of an Olympic pool, offers an incredible view of Singapore.

This Hotel building alone represents the esthetic and futurism of the city-state of Singapore 

Nearby you can discover countless attractions for all families 

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Marina Bay

What is the entrance fee at Marina Bay Sands?

Tickets cost between $25 and $50, depending on the time and date.

Many people choose this route because of the cost. You can dine in SkyPark; there are five restaurants. Or, take a walk through the park and enjoy the view.

Yes, the infinity pools are safe.
Remember, the disappearing edge is a visual illusion, not an actual disappearing edge.
If you swim to the edge of the pool, you will reach a wall 

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  Travel map of Marina Bay

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Chinese Garden

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