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Travel Guide of Sochi in Russia by Influencers

Sochi is a city in Krasnodar Krai. It is located in Western Russia, on the Black Sea coast near Russia's southern border. The Greater Sochi area, which includes territories and localities subordinated to Sochi proper, has a total area of 3,526 square kilometers and sprawls for 145 kilometers along the shores of the Black Sea near the Caucasus Mountains.

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Travel Tips for visiting Sochi

With its unique combination of climate, botanical gardens and moderate winter temperatures, the city of Sochi is often referred to as the Russian Riviera. It's contradictory for Sochi to have been chosen to host the Winter Games. Indeed Sochi is a "subtropical" and actually on the same latitude as Nice and Toronto, and is one of the warmest cities in Russia. Average temperatures range from 8-10°C in winter along the coast, while dropping to sub-zero temperatures in the mountains, creating ideal skiing conditions. In summer, temperatures can soar to 38-40 degrees. Famous for being the summer capital of Russia, the resort is home to a large number of Russians looking to rejuvenate at the beach, in one of the many wellness spas, and in the botanical gardens. Adventure seekers also descend on the area to enjoy the wide range of outdoor activities available such as rafting, caving, canyoning, horseback riding and mountain hiking. However, until the Sochi Olympics came along, no one knew about this city. So here is what you can visit, see and do in Sochi if you are passing by: The Georgian Trinity Convent It is said that those who undertake the pilgrimage to the cathedral, hidden in the Caucasus mountains, and pray before Our Lady of Vladimir, find healing, hope, faith and love. Don't forget to visit the near-by village of Galitsyno and the Akhshtyr cave. In between sightseeing and spa visits, spas and mountain hikes, be sure to find time to take a break in a traditional teahouse. Taste homemade cakes and jams served with a steaming samovar of strong, rich Russian tea, one of the most popular drinks among Russians

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