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Travel Guide of Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia by Influencers and Travelers

The Kamchatka Peninsula is a 1,250-kilometre-long peninsula in the Russian Far East, with an area of about 270,000 km². The Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk make up the peninsula's eastern and western coastlines, respectively.

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Learn More about Kamchatka Peninsula

Kamchatka is a peninsula located in the east of Russia of about 750 miles, making it one of the world's largest peninsulas. The climate of Kamchatka is very different from one area to another, it includes coastal, alpine and geothermal climates, so make sure you know before you go. Summer and autumn are the most touristic seasons because the weather is milder. Kamchatka is a volcanic peninsula almost entirely wild and extraordinary primitive beauty, with rivers, hot springs and snowy peaks. The region of Russia is preserved with remarkable landscapes including many volcanoes constituting a UNESCO heritage, forests, as well as the coast. Many activities related to nature such as hiking or swimming in hot springs are perfectly suited to the landscape. Do not leave without having admired one of the many volcanoes of the region! The capital Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky has an amazing city and offers many activities such as ski lifts and volcano hiking, on site you can make expeditions to admire the volcanoes such as Zimina or Bezymianny depending on the weather and rocky mountains. The region is home to over 200 volcanoes, 30 of which are still active. The peninsula has a vast variety of flora and fauna, this plant variety contributes to the animal diversity. You will be able to see brown bears, as this is an area where they are very numerous, but also other species such as Arctic foxes, lynx, wolves etc... If you like to get off the beaten path and like to explore, Kamchatka is the ideal destination for you, it is not an easy region to explore because it is only accessible by sea or air, that’s why the region is not very touristic, but you will be impressed by the beauty of the landscapes.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Kamchatka Peninsula

What is the best season to visit Kamchatka Peninsula?

The best season to visit Kamchatka is from late May to early September, when the temperature is comfortable. From May to June is the bird-watching season and a perfect time to kayak. From July to August is the prime time to admire Kamchatka’s volcanic landscape and camp under the stars. In September, the autumnal colors of the vegetation are stunning and brown bears can be seen. 

There are some rules to be known during your stay in Kamchatka.
First, to visit the area, tourist visas are required and are issued for a maximum of 30 days. Some areas are closed by natural parks/reserves, and you need to get a permit from the Federal Security Service (former KGB) and border guards. Indeed, Kamchatka is still an important military zone and some mining areas are still active and are therefore regularly controlled. At each destination, you should check whether you require a pass or permit.

Depending on your program there are different types of accommodation, campsites, refuges or hotels, there is a choice! 
The mountain base of Avachinsky Pass is surrounded by volcanoes and offers a view of the valley. The huts are simple but heated and can accommodate 5 to 10 people.
The Snow Valley Mountain Hotel is located 6.2 miles (10 km) from the Vilyuchinskiy volcano and is surrounded by hills and volcanoes. Accommodation is in a small cottage and the hotel has several outdoor pools with hot thermal water and other facilities.

Few people dare to go camping in winter. But for places like Kamchatka, it is essential because there is no other way to explore the wild mountains. The camp includes a comfortable dining tent heated by a stove, as well as sleeping tents, 4 seasons. The heater allows you to keep warm if you are cold, but also to dry clothes and equipment on cloudy days. All the comfort you need to live the mountain experience!

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