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Travel Guide of Eforie Sud in Romania by Influencers

Eforie Sud is part of Eforie city, Constanţa County, Romania. It is geographically located on the west coast of Black Sea. It is a holiday resort known for its therapeutic treatments.

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Travel Tips for visiting Eforie Sud

Eforie is a city and a seaside resort in Romania, on the shores of the Black Sea. Eforie Sud is a part of the city. It is the very first seaside resort in the country.

It is one of the most pleasant sites on the coast, with a more village-like atmosphere full of charm to discover. Like its northern namesake, Eforie Sud is equipped with all kinds of spa facilities.

Its beach is pleasant because it is slightly away from the hotels and villas. The large beach of Eforie Sud is preserved, with fine sand and not too popular with tourists, ideal for relaxing. Eforie North and South offer many possibilities of activities: diving, water sports, mini-golf, etc. A little to the west, Techirghiol is a spa located on the shores of the lake of the same name, which separates it from Eforie resorts. This lake is the source of treatments based on mud and saltwater (six times more than the waters of the Dead Sea). The sandy beaches that border the lake are very pleasant. The resort also has several health centers. The treatment area is organized in the form of specific bathing clinics for rheumatic diseases, skin diseases, nervous system diseases, etc. The hotels are concentrated on the north side of the cliff, west of the Casino.

There are many facilities where you can spend a day on the beach without lacking comfort. You can rent deckchairs, umbrellas, eat and drink in one of the many straw huts. Moreover, for the tourists in need of activities, you will be able to practice numerous water sports such as jet ski, windsurfing, and water-skiing for example.

This area is primarily known for its beach and natural treatments. If you want to visit more cultural activities, don't hesitate to go to Eforie Nord or to other cities in the Constanta region. 

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Eforie Sud

How far is Eforie Sud from Bucharest?

Eforie Sud is located at approximately 2 hours and a half via E81 road, the train takes about 3 hours, and it is the cheapest option

The town of Eforie is full of tourist attractions. The main attraction is the beach, with its high cliffs, ideal for walking or water sports. Along the beach, there are many restaurants, bars and beach clubs. An attraction of the area that is not in the city is the shipwreck of the boat Evangelia, the boat has become home to many types of birds and fish, It is more than 50 years.

The city is quite small, so getting around by bike or on foot will be fine. The coastal city is not well served by public transportation, so don't count on it to get around.

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