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Travel Guide of Bucharest in Romania by Influencers and Travelers

Bucharest is the capital and largest city of Romania, as well as its cultural, industrial, and financial centre. It is located in the southeast of the country, at 44°25′57″N 26°06′14″E, on the banks of the Dâmbovița River, less than 60 km north of the Danube River and the Bulgarian border.

The Best Things to Do and Visit in Bucharest


1 - Romanian Athenaeum

The Romanian Athenaeum is a concert hall in the center of Bucharest, Romania and a landmark of the Romanian capital city. Opened in 1888, the ornate, domed, circular building is the city's main concert hall and home of the "George Enescu" Philharmonic and of the George Enescu annual international music festival.

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Romanian Athenaeum things to do in Bucharest

2 - National Museum of Romanian History

The National Museum of Romanian History is a museum located on the Calea Victoriei in Bucharest, Romania, which contains Romanian historical artifacts from prehistoric times up to modern times.

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National Museum of Romanian History things to do in Bucharest National Museum of Romanian History things to do in Bucharest

3 - Trekking | Sud-Muntenia Region

Enjoy a wide range of bicycles for rent, with bikes of different sizes and frames with 6 or 7 gears for a smooth ride. The price is for a full day and includes free maps, helmets, safety locks and, of course, tips about places to visit.

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Trekking | Sud-Muntenia Region things to do in Bucharest

4 - Curtea Veche

Curtea Veche was built as a palace or residence during the rule of Vlad III Dracula in 1459. Archaeological excavations started in 1953, and now the site is operated by the Muzeul Municipiului București in the historic centre of Bucharest, Romania.

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Curtea Veche things to do in Bucharest

5 - Bucharest Botanical Garden

The Bucharest Botanical Garden, now named after its founder, Dimitrie Brândză, is located in the Cotroceni neighbourhood of Bucharest, Romania.

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Bucharest Botanical Garden things to do in Bucharest Bucharest Botanical Garden things to do in Bucharest

6 - Piața Constituției

Piața Constituției is one of the largest squares in the centre of Bucharest, Romania. The square is standing face-to-face with the Palace of the Parliament and it is bisected by the Bulevardul Unirii and by the Bulevardul Libertății.

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Piața Constituției things to do in Bucharest

7 - Asmita Gardens

Asmita Gardens is a residential complex located in Bucharest. The complex has a total surface of 70,000 m² and is formed by a total of seven towers, five of which have a height of 16 floors, one tower with a height of 20 floors, and one tower with a height of 25 floors.

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Asmita Gardens things to do in Bucharest

8 - Tineretului

Tineretului is a small neighborhood in south Bucharest, Romania in Sector 4, close to the city center, named after the nearby Tineretului Park. It is one the most preferred neighborhoods by people seeking to buy an apartment.

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Tineretului things to do in Bucharest

9 - Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park

Titan is a neighborhood of Eastern Bucharest, part of Sector 3. It surrounds the Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park, formerly known as "Titan", "I.O.R.", and "Balta Albă". The name of "Titan" comes from a cement factory located here in the 20th century. Starting with the 1950s, the development stage began.

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Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park things to do in Bucharest

10 - Pasajul Basarab

The Basarab Overpass is a road overpass in Bucharest, Romania, connecting Nicolae Titulescu blvd. and Grozǎveşti Road, part of Bucharest's inner city ring. The construction was undertaken by FCC and Astaldi. On 17 June 2011, the overpass was officially inaugurated, and was opened to traffic on 19 June.

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Pasajul Basarab things to do in Bucharest

11 - Parcul Carol

Carol I Park is a public park in Bucharest, Romania, named after King Carol I of Romania. A French garden located in the southern-central area of Bucharest, partly on Filaret hill, originally capable of hosting various exhibitions, it suffered considerable modifications during the communist regime, including a name change to Parcul Libertății.

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Parcul Carol things to do in Bucharest Parcul Carol things to do in Bucharest

12 - Cernica

   14 km away

Cernica is a commune in the southeast part of Ilfov County, Muntenia, Romania, with a population of 9,425 as of 2002. It is composed of five villages: Bălăceanca, Căldăraru, Cernica, Poșta and Tânganu, several villages on the bank of lake Cernica.

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Cernica things to do in Bucharest

13 - Comana

   29 km away

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Comana things to do in Bucharest Comana things to do in Bucharest

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Learn More about Bucharest

Known as "Little Paris" thanks to its palaces and beautiful buildings from the beginning of the 20th century, Bucharest is an elegant and majestic city with an exciting history to tell its visitors. Capital of Romania, Bucharest is business and cultural center of the country. Although it remains a great unknown for many, the city has seen a significant increase in the number of tourists visiting in recent years and has gradually become one of the references in Southeast Europe. The capital has a mixture of buildings that surprises by its variety. You will find bourgeois palaces that recall the city's period of maximum splendor despite its current decadent appearance, as well as mega-constructions of communist blocks whose walls house the darkest chapters of its past. One of the country's greatest attractions is undoubtedly Bran Castle. Located on a cliff, Bran Castle, or Dracula's Castle, is a legendary place and the most popular fortress in Romania. During the visit through the narrow corridors of the castle that will lead you to discover the different rooms, you will see many medieval furniture that will transport you to the past when the castle was inhabited and full of life. Among the different rooms visited during the tour, there is one dedicated to the legend of Vlad the Impaler and the myth of Dracula, as well as a room dedicated to imaginative instruments of torture, which became fashionable at the time. The castle overlooks a central courtyard in which the trials of those accused of heresy were held. Reality or fiction? If the real Dracula, Vlad Tepes ("the impaler" ), never lived in Bran Castle, it is this place that inspired Bram Stoker's terrifying novel.

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