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Travel Guide of Sintra in Portugal by Influencers

Sintra is a town and municipality in the Greater Lisbon region of Portugal, located on the Portuguese Riviera. The population of the municipality in 2011 was 377,835, in an area of 319.23 square kilometres.

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Travel Tips for visiting Sintra

The municipality of Sintra has a population of approximately 378,000.

30 km from Lisbon, at the foot of the Sintra mountain range, the city remains the "Eden" of which Byron spoke:

Rich, elegant, extravagant; surrounded by luxuriant vegetation that surrounds the princely residences. An entire landscape is classified by Unesco as a World Heritage Site!

Even the town hall of Sintra seems to be straight out of a fairy tale, with its tower and its neo-Manuelan style building! An ancient little town nestled below the old Moorish citadel, Sintra attracted the first kings of Portugal who sought its coolness in summer, then the entire court who came to build their pavilions. To crown it all, the last prince consort of Portugal had a palace built, like the castle of Ludwig II of Bavaria, but 20 years earlier (he was a cousin!) painted with bright colors in the Portuguese style...
During the second half of the 20th century, Sintra became the city of choice for artists (Viana da Motta, Alfredo Keil, or Cristino da Silva). Today, Sintra is the grouping of several districts, separated by forests and parks. A world apart, very touristy in the summer, but so romantic that one forgives the fact of having to queue to enter the palaces. In the summer, Sintra is home to several excellent festivals (such as the jazz festival) that attract a select audience.

The name of this village comes from Cynthia, the Roman goddess of the moon.

Perched high up, it was an ideal place to observe the moon. Before becoming a city of 300,000 inhabitants, Sintra remained for centuries a modest village, nestled north of an ancient Moorish citadel. But from the Renaissance, the city, located about thirty kilometers from Lisbon, became a resort place plébiscité by the kings of Portugal who appreciated its freshness. The whole court ended up coming to Sintra to build palaces, below the village. Nestled at the foot of the Sintra mountains, the beautiful city dotted with fountains and palaces looks like a real Garden of Eden. For its beauty and eccentricity, imagine that this entire landscape is a World Heritage Site. The palaces and mansions seem to come straight out of a fairy tale. The most emblematic of all is the Pena Palace, unmistakable with its bright colors, yellow and red.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Sintra

What to see in Sintra in one day?

 Sintra is a small town in Lisbon. It is very small since it is only 300 km2 in size and has no more than 1200 inhabitants.

Sintra is one of the tourist destinations par excellence of the Portuguese capital. 
The city became a tourist area thanks to King Ferdinand II who carried out several constructions and transformations in Sintra during the 19th century.
Among these, the most important is the transformation of the Pena Palace, which became the summer residence of the Portuguese court.
Below are the must-see tourist activities in this city.

  • Pena Palace
Thanks to the changes made by the king, it has become one of the most famous tourist monuments of the small city.
It has also been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers a breathtaking view as it is located on the highest hill in Sintra.
The palace is impressive, both inside and outside. On the one hand, from the outside, you can see its striking colors and different architectural styles. On the other hand, inside, you can see all the furniture used by the kings in their summer residence.

  • Castelo dos Mouros
You can get there on foot from the Palace, it won't take you long. 
The castle was built in the 11th century, making it one of the oldest buildings in the city and the only Muslim fortification in Sintra.

  • Capuchin Convent
Another monument not to be missed if you visit Sintra is the Convento dos Capuchos or Convent of the Capuchins. It is a very special place, located in the middle of a forest and 15 minutes by transport from the city center.
The entrance fee is between 5 and 10 euros, which is quite affordable if you are looking to visit the city differently. The convent dates back to the 16th century and inside you can see how the monks lived at that time.

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