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Travel Guide of Sintra in Portugal by Influencers and Travelers

Sintra is a town and municipality in the Greater Lisbon region of Portugal, located on the Portuguese Riviera. The population of the municipality in 2011 was 377,835, in an area of 319.23 square kilometres.

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The Best Things to Do and Visit in Sintra


1 - Sintra-Cascais Natural Park

The Sintra-Cascais Natural Park is a park on the Portuguese Riviera, one of the 13 Natural Parks of Portugal. While only established in 1994 as a Natural Park by the Portuguese Government, it has been protected since 1981.

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Sintra-Cascais Natural Park things to do in Sintra Sintra-Cascais Natural Park things to do in Sintra

2 - Cabo da Roca

   10 km away

Cabo da Roca or Cape Roca is a cape which forms the westernmost point of the Sintra Mountain Range, of mainland Portugal, of continental Europe, and of the Eurasian land mass.

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Cabo da Roca things to do in Sintra Cabo da Roca things to do in Sintra

3 - Tours & Sightseeing | Sintra Day trips from Lisbon

Tour some of Portugal's most magical cultural heritage, and enjoy the lush gardens, lakes, grottoes and enigmatic constructions of Quinta da Regaleira. Visit the famous Initiation Well, and other places that hide mysterious meanings evoked by orders such as Freemasonry and the Knights Templar! Stop for a lunch break in old Sintra, and enjoy some free time to explore the historical charm of old Sintra, and the opportunity to taste the traditional pastry from Sintra, Travesseiro! Feel like royalty as you enter the romantic Pena Palace and Park, a unique expression of the architectural Romanticism. Like something out of a fairy tale, it's breathtaking architecture blends many styles together: Gothic, neo-Manuelin, neo-Islamic and neo-Renaissance. With an astonishing variety of plants and trees, amazing views of the Moorish castle, and the Atlantic Ocean, it's a perfect way to end the day before returning to Lisbon.

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Tours & Sightseeing | Sintra Day trips from Lisbon things to do in Sintra

4 - Praia do Guincho

   10 km away

Praia do Guincho is a popular Atlantic beach located on Portugal's Estoril coast, 5 km from the town of Cascais, and is located in the municipality of Cascais, more precisely in the parishes of Cascais and Alcabideche, in the District of Lisbon.

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Praia do Guincho things to do in Sintra Praia do Guincho things to do in Sintra

5 - Quinta da Regaleira

Quinta da Regaleira is a quinta located near the historic centre of Sintra, Portugal. It is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO within the "Cultural Landscape of Sintra".

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Quinta da Regaleira things to do in Sintra Quinta da Regaleira things to do in Sintra

6 - Surfing in Lisbon

   12 km away

Learn how to surf in Sao Pedro beach near Lisbon or improve your skills with a certified surfing instructor! The essential part when learning how to surf, is to have a good instructor... and the instructors of Surf in Sao Pedro are not simply good -t...

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Surfing in Lisbon things to do in Sintra

7 - Azenhas do Mar

   6 km away

Azenhas do Mar is a seaside town in the municipality of Sintra, Portugal. It is part of Colares civil parish. It is located just 30 km away from Lisboa, near Cabo da Roca, Palácio da Pena, and other attractions.

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Azenhas do Mar things to do in Sintra

8 - Colares

   6 km away

Colares is a civil parish along the coast of the municipality of Sintra. The population in 2011 was 7,628, in an area of 33.37 square kilometres.

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Colares things to do in Sintra

9 - Paragliding in Lisbon

   14 km away

Paragliding over the skies of Portugal, having a fantastic view of Lisbon and their unique landscape is an experience you will never forget. Come and enjoy! Not so long ago flying was just a dream for the "crazy" people. Nowadays there is a...

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Paragliding in Lisbon things to do in Sintra

10 - Praia da Ursa

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Praia da Ursa things to do in Sintra

11 - Monserrate Palace

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Monserrate Palace things to do in Sintra

12 - Morning | Castelo dos Mouros Sintra

Looking for the best views of Sintra? You'll get them up at this 10th-century Moorish monument. Skip the line and walk the beautiful pathways, see ancient artifacts from the Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Neolithic period. All the while you'll learn about the castle's history and see Sintra, the Palace of Pena, and the hills beyond from a whole new perspective.

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Morning | Castelo dos Mouros Sintra things to do in Sintra

13 - Cruz Alta

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Cruz Alta things to do in Sintra

14 - Boca de Inferno

   11 km away

Boca do Inferno is a chasm located in the seaside cliffs close to the Portuguese city of Cascais, in the District of Lisbon. The seawater has access to the deep bottom of the chasm and vigorously strikes its rocky walls, making it a popular tourist attraction.

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Boca de Inferno things to do in Sintra

15 - Evening | Park and National Palace of Pena

This picture-perfect mountain retreat was a monastery until transformed into a private palace by King Ferdinand II. The surrounding Park of Pena is just as big of a treat, full of exotic plant life and other secret treasures. Discover for yourself the 'Crown of the Sintra region'.

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Evening | Park and National Palace of Pena things to do in Sintra

16 - Queluz National Palace

   12 km away

The Palace of Queluz is an 18th-century palace located at Queluz, a city of the Sintra Municipality, in the Lisbon District, on the Portuguese Riviera.

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Queluz National Palace things to do in Sintra Queluz National Palace things to do in Sintra

17 - Carcavelos beach

   15 km away
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Carcavelos beach things to do in Sintra

18 - Jerónimos Monastery

   19 km away

The Jerónimos Monastery or Hieronymites Monastery, is a former monastery of the Order of Saint Jerome near the Tagus river in the parish of Belém, in the Lisbon Municipality, Portugal; it was secularised on 28 December 1833 by state decree and its ownership transferred to the charitable institution, Real Casa Pia de Lisboa.

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Jerónimos Monastery things to do in Sintra Jerónimos Monastery things to do in Sintra

19 - Belém Tower

   19 km away

Belém Tower, officially the Tower of Saint Vincent is a 16th-century fortification located in Lisbon that served as a point of embarkation and disembarkation for Portuguese explorers and as a ceremonial gateway to Lisbon.

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Belém Tower things to do in Sintra

20 - Mafra National Palace

   19 km away

The Palace of Mafra, also known as the Palace-Convent of Mafra and the Royal Building of Mafra, is a monumental Baroque and Neoclassical palace-monastery located in Mafra, Portugal, some 28 kilometres from Lisbon.

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Mafra National Palace things to do in Sintra

21 - Ericeira

   19 km away

Ericeira is a civil parish and seaside community on the western coast of Portugal considered the surfing capital of Europe for being the only European spot among the World Surfing Reserves and due to the exceptional coastline conditions for the practice of Surf.

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Ericeira things to do in Sintra

22 - Reboleira

   19 km away

Estádio José Gomes, informally known as Estádio da Reboleira, after its location, is the stadium of the Portuguese football team C.F. Estrela da Amadora and it has a capacity of 9,288.

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Reboleira things to do in Sintra

23 - Padrão dos Descobrimentos

   20 km away

Padrão dos Descobrimentos is a monument on the northern bank of the Tagus River estuary, in the civil parish of Santa Maria de Belém, Lisbon.

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Padrão dos Descobrimentos things to do in Sintra Padrão dos Descobrimentos things to do in Sintra

24 - Lisbon Zoo

   20 km away

Lisbon Zoo is a zoological garden in Lisbon, Portugal. It was founded in 1884. It was the product of the efforts of Dr. Van Der Laan, owner of the largest aviary in Portugal, with the support of Bento de Sousa, Sousa Martins, and May Figueira.

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Lisbon Zoo things to do in Sintra Lisbon Zoo things to do in Sintra

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Why should you visit Sintra ?

Travel to Sintra if you like:

  🗼 Landmark     🌲 Forest     🏰 Place of worship     ⛰️ Hill     ⛰️ Cliff     ⛰️ Hill station  

How to visit Sintra ?

To get to Sintra from Lisbon, you can hop on a train from Rossio Station, which takes around 40 minutes and costs approximately €2.50 one-way. Trains run frequently, so you won't have trouble finding a suitable time.

When planning your trip, it's essential to book tickets to popular attractions like Pena Palace, Quinta da Regaleira, and the Moorish Castle in advance, as these places can get quite crowded, especially during peak tourist season. Booking online can also save you some time and money.

The costs of visiting Sintra can vary depending on your preferences. Entry fees for the main attractions range from €6 to €14 per adult. If you plan to visit multiple sites, consider purchasing a combination ticket, which can save you up to 20%.

Among the best things to do in Sintra are exploring the colorful Pena Palace, wandering through the mystical gardens of Quinta da Regaleira, and taking in the breathtaking views from the Moorish Castle. Nature lovers will enjoy trekking through the beautiful Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, while history buffs can visit the National Palace of Sintra, the best-preserved medieval royal palace in Portugal.

For a delicious meal, consider dining at one of these local favorites:

1. Tascantiga Sintra: This charming eatery offers traditional Portuguese tapas in a cozy setting.
2. Incomum by Luís Santos: A contemporary restaurant serving creative takes on Portuguese cuisine.
3. Saudade: A popular spot for fresh seafood and traditional dishes.

When it comes to accommodations, Sintra has something for everyone:

1. Tivoli Palácio de Seteais: This luxurious, 18th-century palace-turned-hotel offers elegant rooms and stunning views.
2. Sintra Boutique Hotel: A modern, stylish hotel located in the heart of Sintra.
3. Casa do Valle: A cozy bed and breakfast with beautiful gardens, perfect for budget-conscious travelers.

Off the beaten path:

For a unique travel experience in Sintra, visit the Convent of the Capuchos, also known as the Convento dos Capuchos. This 16th-century monastery is tucked away in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, surrounded by lush forests. The convent was designed to be in harmony with nature, featuring small, simple spaces and rustic architecture. This hidden gem is a perfect place to escape the crowds and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Sintra forests. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, as the convent can only be reached via a short hike.

Learn More about Sintra

30 km from Lisbon, nestled at the foot of the Sintra mountains, the beautiful city dotted with fountains and palaces looks like a real Garden of Eden. For its beauty and eccentricity, imagine that this entire landscape is a World Heritage Site. The palaces and mansions seem to come straight out of a fairy tale. The most emblematic of all is the Pena Palace, unmistakable with its bright colors, yellow and red.

Rich, elegant, extravagant; surrounded by luxuriant vegetation that surrounds the princely residences. An entire landscape is classified by Unesco as a World Heritage Site!

A world apart, very touristy in the summer, but so romantic that one forgives the fact of having to queue to enter the palaces. In the summer, Sintra is home to several excellent festivals (such as the jazz festival) that attract a select audience.

Sintra Day Trip From Lisbon

Few travel tips in Sintra:
*Don’t bother taking your car to Sintra. Private cars are no longer allowed to access most of touristic areas, plus, they are not a lot of parking areas.
*You will be walking quite a bit so wear your very best walking shoes.
*Expect a good among of people enjoying the great city of Sintra as the same time; we would suggest you to pack your lunch. Thus, you might find a better lunch view in Sintra mountains than a crowded restaurant or café.

Lisbon to Sintra by train

The cheapest way to get to Sintra is definitely by train. Check out the timetables here, if you’d like. But basically, they have 3 trains per hour leaving Lisbon (Rossio station) for Sintra. While you are at both train stations, admirable their beautiful architecture. The wonder stars here. The train ride is about 45 minutes and cost less than 3€ per person.

Once you arrive in Sintra, get around with one of the popular public transportations such as buses, taxis or a tuk-tuk (up to 10€ per pers.) or just walk.

Self-guided tour in Sintra

First, get there early (9am) and you will be able to visit the most of Sintra’s beauty.

  1. Start your day going up to Quinta da Regaleira. As you have to go all the way up a mountain, use a transportation as a tuktuk or a taxi/Uber. That will save you some time and energy. As you will read hereunder; this is one of Sintra’s magical sites.
  2. From there, you will be at a 20 minute-walk from the historic Moorish Castle. Use any transportation to get there faster if you would like. The Moorish Castle will bring you to a particular time of Sintra history.
  3. Last but definitely not least, walk and enjoy the pretty landscapes and footpaths for 15 minutes to get to Pena Palace. Skip the line with your ticket and appreciate this beautiful and colorful palace.
  4. You still got time? Give Monserrate Palace a chance to win your heart. Less touristic, this would be a perfect visit to end your day in Sintra.
  5. Then enjoy Sintra by walking downtown and have a little taste of the city gastronomy in a cute café such as the Casa Piriquita or Saudade.

The Different Castles and Palaces

The best castles and palaces are obviously the ones everyone goes to. So our first tip, again is to get there early in the morning, even though castles open at 10am. Arriving early will allow you to check things like bus stations or coffee shops but, also, you will avoid long waiting lines for the most touristic sites.

  • Quinta da Regaleira is a bit outside the city. This outstanding building was designed by the Italian architect Luigi Manini in the late 1800s. Stroll around this very romantic palace, its chapel and the famous Initiation Well inside a gorgeous garden. Count at least 2 hours to discover this magnificent site. But note that the interior is not as impressive as the outside. If your time is limited, skip the inside for this site. Average entrance fee is 6€.

  • Moorish Castle (Castelo dos Mouros). Because the footpaths from downtown are very steep, don’t waste time and energy by walking to the top from the train station. Get there with a bus (434), taxi or tuktuk.This 10th century castle was built on high ground for strategic reasons of defense during the wars. Walk along the castles walls and admire the landscapes as far as the eye can see: lush nature, the Atlantic Ocean and the city of Sintra itself. Average entrance fee is 8€. Get an audio guide and wonder in the beautiful Moorish Castle. Average entrance fee is 8€.

  • Pena Palace is the very best attraction in Sintra Portugal and it is easy to see why. 200 hectares wide, it is also perched on a mountain. It is quickly accessible from the Moors Castle (only a 15-minute walk). Pena Palace is a wonderful mix of vivid colors gathered from the luxurious nature and the palace itself. Since it is a very famous attraction, try to go on the first hour or at the end of the day. It offers breath taking views and peaceful nature areas. The Palace was home for the Portuguese Royal Family sometimes of the year. Enjoy a walk and get a glimpse of the intimate and elegant royal interior. Skip the line by booking your ticket in advance. Average entrance fee for the gardens only is 7.50€ and 14€ with the palace.

  • Monserrate Palace is a great blend of architectural styles: Arabic, Indian and gothic. The palace and its park are integrated in the “European Route of Historic Gardens” since 2020. It is less touristic than the main palaces of Sintra. Thus, it offers quiet and beautiful walks around. Average entrance fee is 8€.

  • Sintra National Palace is the original medieval palace of the town. It is easily recognizable with its two mysterious white chimneys. Average entrance fee is 10€.

Sintra Guided Tour

If you want to make sure you get to know Sintra and its treasures to the fullest after your day, book your ticket for a guided-tour of the 3 most important castle in Sintra from Lisbon or book a private tour to Pena Palace and Quinta de Regaleira. Who says treasure, says precious jewels... Discover Sintra’s hidden gems and mysteries !

Sintra has even much more to offer, try marvelling with a guide through the magical Sintra. or exploring the wild side of Sintra.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Sintra

What to see in Sintra in one day?

 Sintra is a small town in Lisbon. It is very small since it is only 300 km2 in size and has no more than 1200 inhabitants.

Sintra is one of the tourist destinations par excellence of the Portuguese capital. 
The city became a tourist area thanks to King Ferdinand II who carried out several constructions and transformations in Sintra during the 19th century.
Among these, the most important is the transformation of the Pena Palace, which became the summer residence of the Portuguese court.
Below are the must-see tourist activities in this city.

  • Pena Palace
Thanks to the changes made by the king, it has become one of the most famous tourist monuments of the small city.
It has also been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers a breathtaking view as it is located on the highest hill in Sintra.
The palace is impressive, both inside and outside. On the one hand, from the outside, you can see its striking colors and different architectural styles. On the other hand, inside, you can see all the furniture used by the kings in their summer residence.

  • Castelo dos Mouros
You can get there on foot from the Palace, it won't take you long. 
The castle was built in the 11th century, making it one of the oldest buildings in the city and the only Muslim fortification in Sintra.

  • Capuchin Convent
Another monument not to be missed if you visit Sintra is the Convento dos Capuchos or Convent of the Capuchins. It is a very special place, located in the middle of a forest and 15 minutes by transport from the city center.
The entrance fee is between 5 and 10 euros, which is quite affordable if you are looking to visit the city differently. The convent dates back to the 16th century and inside you can see how the monks lived at that time.

A full day is enough to explore Sintra’s most popular attractions. If possible, allow yourself to have an extra half day to get to places you couldn’t go to (because of the waiting lines for example...).

The easiest way to get around would be walking or using taxis. Also, there is a touristic bus, n°434 that goes to several touristic sites. But note that you might have a lot of people in those. Tuktuk are available as well, but they can be pricy.

No don’t have to pay to enter the city of Sintra but you will have to pay to enter castles, palaces and gardens.

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