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Travel Guide of Paracas in Peru by Influencers

Paracas is the capital of the Paracas District in the Ica Region in Peru. A small port town catering to tourism, Paracas serves as the jumping point for tours to Islas Ballestas and to Paracas National Reserve.

Welcome to the Hatlas Travel's Guide of Paracas !

Discover our travel guide of Paracas in Peru made of pictures from travel influencers and photographers.

What you will see and do in Paracas:

  ️🏜️ Desert     🏖️ Shore  

Travel Tips for visiting Paracas

Some travel tips for Paracas, Peru include:
-Dressing appropriately for the weather and climate
-Wearing comfortable shoes
-Paying attention to your belongings and keeping them safe
-Respecting the local culture and customs
-Learning some basic Spanish phrases
-Being aware of your surroundings
-Staying hydrated
-Using sunscreen

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   Travel spots to explore around Paracas

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Discover more travel spots to explore around Paracas

  🐾 Wildlife spots     ️🏜️ Desert spots     🌊‍ Ocean spots     🏖️ Shore spots     🌉 Suspension bridge spots     ❄️ Tundra spots  

  Travel map of Paracas

Explore 4 popular touristic places around Paracas with pictures shared by travelers, influencers and photographers... Click on the photos to read the travel guide of the destination

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