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Travel Guide of Stavanger in Norway by Influencers

Stavanger is a city and municipality in Norway. It is the fourth largest city and third largest metropolitan area in Norway and the administrative centre of Rogaland county. The municipality is the fourth most populous in Norway.

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Travel Tips for visiting Stavanger

Stavanger is a city located in southwest Norway. Its cathedral in the city centre dates from the 12th century when the city was founded. The Stavanger Museum tells the story of local history and displays stuffed wildlife. The Norwegian Petroleum Museum presents the oil industry with submersible platforms, a large drilling tool and an evacuation ramp. The shopping street Øvre Holmegate is famous for its colourful houses. 

The many oil operations that shape Stavanger's landscape do not disfigure the city. Unlike other oil towns in Norway, Stavanger has a beautifully preserved historic centre. The Norwegian Petroleum Museum is located in this district, on the harbour, and is a must for a better understanding of the history of oil in Norway. Numerous interactive exhibits allow visitors to understand the technological evolution and the working conditions at sea. An essential visit for adults and children alike, with a Geo Park dedicated entirely to them.

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what can we do in stavanger ?

In Stavanger Norway, you can visit the old historics places, you can also go shopping...

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