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Travel Guide of Alesund in Norway by Influencers

Ny-Ålesund is a small town in Oscar II Land on the island of Spitsbergen in Svalbard, Norway. It is situated on the Brøgger peninsula and on the shore of the bay of Kongsfjorden.

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Welcome to the Hatlas Travel's Guide of Alesund !

Discover our travel guide of Alesund in Norway made of pictures from travel influencers and photographers.

Travel Tips for visiting Alesund

Visit Alesund, the capital of Art Nouveau in Norway.

The fact that Alesund has so many Art Nouveau buildings is not due to chance but to a devastating fire in 1904, which took away 
all the wooden houses in the city center.

The city was then rebuilt in the Art Nouveau style, which was very popular at the time. 

Climbing Fjellstua Hill

Climbing to the top of Fjellstua Hill is a must when visiting Alesund. 
It is indeed a hill overlooking the city, from where you have a magnificent view of Alesund and its surroundings.

You will love this place but first you will have to climb 418 steps to get there, but it's well worth it! It is simply breathtaking. 

The must-sees of Alesund 

As soon as you arrive in Ålesund, you can start by exploring the fjords, those mysterious inlets caught between cliffs.

Don't miss the iconic midnight suns if you get the chance.

Don't miss the Architecture of the Ålesund church

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Alesund

Is Alesund worth visiting?

Yes of course.

There is so much to do in Alesund that you won't know where to start.

 It is a small town ideal for a few day's visit.

It is an essential stopover before going further into the nearby fjords.

In fact, your chances of seeing the Northern Lights in a few days in Ålesund are low.

There is a better chance to see them in Tromsø.

By road it will take 6 h 56 min for 543.9 km

By air the flights duration is 1 hour with these airlines : Sas Norwegian or Wideroe 

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  Travel guide of Ålesund
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