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Travel Guide of Wanaka in New Zealand by Influencers and Travelers

Wanaka, once called Pembroke, is a popular ski and summer resort town in the Otago region of the South Island of New Zealand. At the southern end of Lake Wānaka, it is at the start of the Clutha River and is the gateway to Mount Aspiring National Park.

The Best Things to Do and Visit in Wanaka


1 - Roys Peak

   7 km away

Roy's Peak is a mountain in New Zealand, standing between Wanaka and Glendhu Bay. It offers a full-day's walk with views across Lake Wanaka and up to the peak of Mount Aspiring / Tititea.

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Roys Peak things to do in Wanaka Roys Peak things to do in Wanaka

2 - Lake Wānaka

   22 km away

Lake Wānaka is New Zealand's fourth-largest lake. In the Otago region, it is 278 meters above sea level, covers 192 km², and is more than 300 m deep. The original Māori name Oanaka means 'The place of Anaka', a local tribal chief. The town near the foot of the lake is named Wanaka.

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Lake Wānaka things to do in Wanaka

3 - Jet Boating in Wanaka

Take an exhilarating jetboat ride down the mighty Clutha River! Experience spectacular scenery, fast flowing waters, passing old gold mining sites until you reach the “Devils Nook”. You will pass under the historic “Red Bridge&rdquo...

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Jet Boating in Wanaka things to do in Wanaka

4 - Lake Hawea

   30 km away
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Lake Hawea things to do in Wanaka

5 - Mount Aspiring National Park

   35 km away

Mount Aspiring National Park is in the Southern Alps of the South Island of New Zealand, north of Fiordland National Park, situated in Otago and Westland regions. The park forms part of the Te Wahipounamu World Heritage site.

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Mount Aspiring National Park things to do in Wanaka

6 - Paragliding | Wanaka Skydive

   9 km away

Ever thought about skydiving? Well, Wanaka in New Zealand offers the most picturesque spot to take the leap and scratch it off your bucket list. Imagine hurtling down from the heavens at 200kph, drinking in the breathtaking vistas of New Zealand's most beautiful landscapes. As soon as the door swings open and the frontline crew welcomes you with their infectious enthusiasm, the adventure begins. Expect a thorough briefing and top-notch gear, all geared towards ensuring your safety and enjoyment. Before long, you'll be shaking hands with your tandem instructor and hopping onto the plane for an awe-inspiring flight to your jump point. Your 20-minute journey over the Southern Alps is nothing short of spectacular. As you ascend, your instructor will point out landmarks like the majestic Mt. Cook, the stunning Mt. Aspiring, the glistening Southern Alps, an array of mirror-like lakes, and the snaking Clutha River. When you reach your chosen altitude, it's time to take the plunge. Feel your heart pound in your chest as you experience the sheer thrill of freefalling at a whopping 200kph above Central Otago's breath-taking landscape. And after a heart-stopping 25 to 60-seconds of freefall, you'll glide smoothly under your canopy, savoring the serene flight back down to the drop zone.

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Paragliding | Wanaka Skydive things to do in Wanaka

7 - Arrowtown

   36 km away

Arrowtown is a historic gold mining town in the Otago region of the South Island of New Zealand. Arrowtown is located on the banks of the Arrow River approximately 7.5 km from State Highway 6.

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Arrowtown things to do in Wanaka Arrowtown things to do in Wanaka

8 - Mount Aspiring

   38 km away

Mount Aspiring College is a state coeducational secondary school located in Wanaka, New Zealand. It was founded in 1986 after the division of Wanaka Area School into separate primary and secondary schools.

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Mount Aspiring things to do in Wanaka

9 - Kayaking in Wanaka

This outing is perfect for those of you keen to explore Lake Wanaka a little further! You'll be paddling through some of the region's most iconic, remote and beautiful landscapes towards the ‘gem of the lake' Mou Waho island. Over th...

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Kayaking in Wanaka things to do in Wanaka

10 - Lake Hayes

   40 km away

Lake Hayes is a small lake in the Wakatipu Basin in Central Otago, in New Zealand's South Island. It is located close to the towns of Arrowtown and Queenstown.

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Lake Hayes things to do in Wanaka

11 - The Remarkables

   45 km away

The Remarkables are a mountain range and skifield in Otago in the South Island of New Zealand. Located on the southeastern shore of Lake Wakatipu, the range lives up to its name by rising sharply to create an impressive backdrop for the waters.

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The Remarkables things to do in Wanaka

12 - Scenic Flights in Wanaka

   9 km away

Explore one of the most dramatic UNESCO World Heritage sites on this EPIC scenic flight across New Zealand's South Westland World Heritage Area. The ultimate combo that includes of some of the Southern Hemisphere's most impressive natural landmarks,...

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Scenic Flights in Wanaka things to do in Wanaka

13 - Lake Alta

   47 km away

Lake Alta is a glacial lake in The Remarkables near Queenstown in the South Island of New Zealand. It is approximately 500 metres by 250 metres in size and freezes over in the winter months. At this time it is used by skiers and snowboarders.

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Lake Alta things to do in Wanaka

14 - Skydiving in Wanaka

   9 km away

The highlight of your New Zealand experience must be a skydive in Wanaka! Scratch this off your bucket list and jump from over 15,000 ft! The experience starts with a welcome from the Skydive Wanaka crew, as they introdu...

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Skydiving in Wanaka things to do in Wanaka

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Why should you visit Wanaka ?

Travel to Wanaka if you like:

  🏞️ Lake     ⛰️ Hill     ⛰️ Mountain     🏞️ Loch     🏖️ Shore     ❄️ Fjord  

Learn More about Wanaka

At 45 kilometers long and covering 193 square kilometers, its crystal blue waters are ideal for adventure seekers. Nestled at the foot of majestic mountains, Lake Wanaka is the most tranquil lake on the South Island. In winter, skiers from around the world converge here to ski and snowboard at Cardrona and Treble Cone, cross-country ski at Snow Farm and heli-ski in the Harris Mountains. But Wanaka is more than just a winter destination. Activities such as fishing, hiking, canyoneering, rock climbing and skydiving take place year-round. Visit surrounding towns like Queenstown, Cromwell and Alexandra, go shopping or just sit in a café and watch the world go by. One of the strengths of a stay in Lake Wanaka is that it combines the warmth of a small town with the standard and attention to detail you'd expect from an international vacation destination. Accommodations range from hostels and bed and breakfasts to motels and family-friendly vacation villages. Plus, each of these accommodations is within walking distance of stores and restaurants, and cabs and bikes are available. And if you want to get out of town, there are daily transportation services to most popular destinations.

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