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Travel Guide of Roys Peak in New Zealand by Influencers and Travelers

Roy's Peak is a mountain in New Zealand, standing between Wanaka and Glendhu Bay. It offers a full-day's walk with views across Lake Wanaka and up to the peak of Mount Aspiring / Tititea.

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Explore the Wanaka area, which stretches from Lake Wanaka to the summit of Roy's Peak, through tussock grasslands. The trail begins by zigzagging along a steep 4WD track from the parking lot to the conservation area. From there, continue through wild tussock grasslands until you reach the summit of Roy's Peak. On your walk, take time to admire the amazing view from the ridgeline, which takes in most of Lake Wanaka and the surrounding peaks, including Mount Aspiring. To get there, leave from the Roy's Peak Track parking lot on Mt. Aspiring Road. Parking can be limited during peak hours, so consider walking or biking to the trailhead. Mountain bikes are not allowed on the Roy's Peak Track. However, this trail crosses private land, so you must stay on the marked trail and leave the gates as you find them. Also, drinking water is not available on this trail and the restrooms are located 200m from the parking lot. Remember that weather conditions can change rapidly in this area and avalanches can occur. So be sure to check the weather conditions before you leave.

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