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Travel Guide of Piha in New Zealand by Influencers

Piha is a coastal settlement on the western coast of the Auckland Region in New Zealand. It is one of the most popular beaches in the area and a major day-trip destination for Aucklanders throughout the year, and especially in summer.

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Travel Tips for visiting Piha

The village of Piha is a small, laid-back community of 600 inhabitants. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, it is the art of living that prevails here. In summer, this popular beach is packed with city dwellers who come to enjoy the waves. Swimming areas are set up between two flags in the sand, away from the dangerous currents. These precautions have been adopted because Piha is one of the most dangerous beaches in the country. A reality show called Piha Rescue is even dedicated to it and follows the teams of lifeguards regularly called to the rescue. But this reputation is not to the liking of the local residents! At the centre of this dramatic landscape is Lion Rock. Standing 101 metres high, this imposing rock is, according to the locals, the spiritual guardian of the beach. It is possible to climb it to enjoy a magnificent sunset over the Tasman Sea. But beware, Lion rock is a highly spiritual place for the local Maori tribes, the Te Kawerau-a-Maki, who fought here in tribal wars between 1680 and 1710 and had established fortified areas on top of the rock. The beach offers the visitor plenty of activities. You can of course relax and watch the surfers ride the waves, swim between the flags, fish from the rocks or go for a good walk to the secluded and wild coves of White Beach and Anawhata via paths that start directly north of the beach. Beware in summer, bring flip-flops or shoes as the black sand gets hot!

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