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Travel Guide of Auckland in New Zealand by Influencers and Travelers

Auckland City was a territorial authority with city status covering the central isthmus of the urban area of Auckland, New Zealand.

The Best Things to Do and Visit in Auckland


1 - Sky Tower

The Sky Tower is a telecommunications and observation tower in Auckland, New Zealand. Located at the corner of Victoria and Federal Streets within the city's CBD, it is 328 metres tall, as measured from ground level to the top of the mast, making it the tallest freestanding structure in the Southern Hemisphere and the 27th tallest tower in the world.

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Sky Tower things to do in Auckland Sky Tower things to do in Auckland

2 - Kohimarama

   9 km away

Kohimarama is a coastal residential Auckland suburb, located to the east of the city. Kohimarama is situated between Mission Bay and St Heliers and has an accessible beach with a boardwalk and green recreational spaces located amongst residential areas.

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Kohimarama things to do in Auckland Kohimarama things to do in Auckland

3 - Helicopter tours in Auckland

   9 km away

Discover Auckland and its largest volcano on Rangitoto Island aboard a helicopter! Auckland is a nice city, but let's be honest - nothing beats a bird's eye view from the sky. Embark on this helicopter journey and you will see in a few minutes all of...

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Helicopter tours in Auckland things to do in Auckland

4 - Narrow Neck Beach

Narrow Neck is a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. Until the mid-19th century, Devonport was connected with the rest of the North Shore by a causeway between Ngataringa Bay and the Hauraki Gulf. This causeway gave the appearance of a "narrow neck".

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Narrow Neck Beach things to do in Auckland Narrow Neck Beach things to do in Auckland

5 - Devonport

Devonport is a harbourside suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. It is located on the North Shore, at the southern end of a peninsula that runs southeast from near Lake Pupuke in Takapuna, forming the northern side of the Waitematā Harbour.

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Devonport things to do in Auckland Devonport things to do in Auckland

6 - Sea Kayaking in Auckland

   10 km away

This day sea kayak tour Rangitoto Island explores the landmark of the Auckland region and allows you to see Auckland city from another perspective. After a safety briefing and paddling instruction from your guide, you will kayak across the Waite...

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Sea Kayaking in Auckland things to do in Auckland

7 - Waitemata Harbour

Waitematā Harbour is the main access by sea to Auckland, New Zealand. For this reason it is often referred to as Auckland Harbour, despite the fact that it is one of two harbours adjoining the city.

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Waitemata Harbour things to do in Auckland Waitemata Harbour things to do in Auckland

8 - Auckland War Memorial Museum

The Auckland War Memorial Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira is one of New Zealand's most important museums and war memorials. Its collections concentrate on New Zealand history, natural history, and military history.

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Auckland War Memorial Museum things to do in Auckland Auckland War Memorial Museum things to do in Auckland

9 - Metropolis

Metropolis is a 39-storey residential / hotel skyscraper in the Auckland CBD of Auckland, New Zealand, developed in 1999 by Krukziener Properties.

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Metropolis things to do in Auckland

10 - Mount Victoria

Mount Victoria is a prominent hill 196 metres high immediately to the east of central Wellington, New Zealand. About 4 kilometres due south is a spur named Mount Albert and the two are linked by a ridge.

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Mount Victoria things to do in Auckland

11 - Mount Roskill

   10 km away

Mount Roskill is a suburban area in the city of Auckland, New Zealand. It is named for the volcanic peak Puketāpapa.

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Mount Roskill things to do in Auckland

12 - The University of Auckland

The University of Waikato, informally Waikato University, is a comprehensive university in Hamilton, New Zealand. The university was established in 1964, and has an additional campus located in Tauranga.

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The University of Auckland things to do in Auckland

13 - Onehunga

   12 km away

Onehunga is a suburb of Auckland in New Zealand and the location of the Port of Onehunga, the city's small port on the Manukau Harbour. It is eight kilometres south of the city centre, close to the volcanic cone of Maungakiekie / One Tree Hill.

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Onehunga things to do in Auckland

14 - Musick Point

   13 km away

Musick Point is the headland of the peninsula that forms the eastern shore of the Tamaki River in Bucklands Beach, a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand.

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Musick Point things to do in Auckland Musick Point things to do in Auckland

15 - Rangitoto Island

   13 km away

Rangitoto Island is a volcanic island in the Hauraki Gulf near Auckland, New Zealand. The 5.5 km wide island is a symmetrical shield volcano cone, reaching a height of 260 m.

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Rangitoto Island things to do in Auckland Rangitoto Island things to do in Auckland

16 - Half Moon Bay

   15 km away
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Half Moon Bay things to do in Auckland

17 - Bucklands Beach

   16 km away

Bucklands Beach is a suburb 13 kilometres east of Auckland's CBD in New Zealand. The suburb is in the Howick ward, one of the thirteen administrative divisions of Auckland Council.

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Bucklands Beach things to do in Auckland

18 - Rainbow's End

   18 km away

Rainbow's End is a 9.3 hectares theme park in Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand. Rainbow's End includes the main theme park and also Kidz Kingdom, a family entertainment center for children 8 years and under.

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Rainbow's End things to do in Auckland

19 - Howick

   18 km away

Howick is an affluent eastern suburb of Auckland, New Zealand, forming part of what is sometimes called East Auckland. Modern Howick draws much of its character from the succeeding waves of Asian Settlement that it has observed since New Zealand’s immigration reforms of the 80s; With a strong Chinese New Zealander presence in the suburb’s Business and Education communities.

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Howick things to do in Auckland

20 - Waitakere Ranges Regional Parkland

   23 km away

The Waitākere Ranges and its foothills and coasts comprise an area of some 27 720 ha of public and private land located between metropolitan Auckland and the west coast of Waitakere City and Rodney District.

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Waitakere Ranges Regional Parkland things to do in Auckland Waitakere Ranges Regional Parkland things to do in Auckland

21 - Beachlands

   24 km away

Beachlands is an outer suburb of Auckland, New Zealand, established in the 1920s, where development increased in the 1950s due to its popularity as a beach holiday destination. It is located on the "Pohutukawa Coast" and in close proximity to Maraetai.

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Beachlands things to do in Auckland

22 - Kitekite Falls

   26 km away

Kitekite Falls is a scenic 3-tiered waterfall near Auckland, New Zealand. The falls drop a total of 40 metres. From the lookout on Kitekite track the falls appear even higher because there is white water running over rocks into a small pool from the upper swimming hole, then falling down into a large pool, then falling to a small pool before beginning an almost vertical descent in the final 3-tiers, making the total height closer to 80 metres.

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Kitekite Falls things to do in Auckland Kitekite Falls things to do in Auckland

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Why should you visit Auckland ?

Travel to Auckland if you like:

  🐾 Wildlife     🌉 Bridge     🌆 Skyline     🗼 Landmark     🏘️ Town     🌲 Plain  

How to visit Auckland ?

To get to Auckland, the easiest way is to fly into Auckland International Airport, which serves as a major hub for many international airlines. From the airport, you can take a shuttle, taxi, or public transport directly to the city center.

When planning your trip, it's a good idea to book in advance for popular attractions such as the Sky Tower and the Auckland Zoo. If you're interested in visiting the nearby islands like Waiheke and Rangitoto, be sure to book your ferry tickets in advance as well.

The costs of visiting Auckland can vary, but expect to spend around NZD 200 per day for a mid-range experience, including accommodations, meals, and activities. Keep in mind that attractions, tours, and transportation can add up quickly, so consider purchasing an Auckland Attractions Pass to save on costs.

Some of the best things to do in Auckland include exploring the city's vibrant waterfront, visiting the iconic Sky Tower, and taking a harbor cruise to enjoy stunning views of the skyline. For nature lovers, a trip to the nearby Waitakere Ranges Regional Park is a must, as is a visit to one of the city's many beautiful beaches, such as Piha or Mission Bay.

Auckland's diverse culinary scene offers a wide range of dining options. For a taste of local cuisine, visit The Grove, which offers contemporary New Zealand dishes in an elegant setting. For a more casual experience, try Depot Eatery and Oyster Bar, known for its fresh seafood and relaxed atmosphere. For a unique dining experience, head to Giapo, an innovative ice cream parlor known for its creative flavors and artistic presentation.

When it comes to accommodations, Auckland has options to suit all budgets. For a luxurious stay, consider the Hotel DeBrett, a boutique hotel located in the heart of the city. For a more budget-friendly option, the Haka Lodge Auckland offers comfortable dorms and private rooms in a convenient location. For a unique experience, consider staying at the heritage-listed Grand Windsor Hotel, which combines historic charm with modern amenities.

Off the beaten path:
For a truly unique Auckland experience, venture outside the city center to explore the black sand beaches of the west coast, such as Karekare and Bethells Beach. These stunning landscapes offer a stark contrast to the golden sands found on the city's east coast beaches and provide the perfect setting for a day of hiking, surfing, or simply soaking in the natural beauty. Additionally, consider taking a guided tour of the volcanic island of Rangitoto, where you can hike to the summit for breathtaking views of the Hauraki Gulf and Auckland skyline. This lesser-known gem provides an unforgettable off-the-beaten-path adventure for travelers seeking a more authentic New Zealand experience.

Learn More about Auckland

Starting point of a trip to New Zealand, Auckland is its largest city and can be visited by ferry, against a backdrop of volcanoes. The historical district of Parnell with its colonial houses, and Ponsonby where you can find bars and trendy restaurants. Don't miss the Sky Tower for a panoramic view of the city. Enjoy a visit to the Auckland Zoo or Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World where you will discover the full range of New Zealand's wildlife.

Auckland has many sights to see. Nature lovers can visit Rainbow's End Theme Park, Waiwera Infinity Thermal Spa Resort's natural hot springs, Crystal Mountain's gallery of precious stones and minerals or Auckland Zoo.
Be sure to visit the Atlantic Encounter, which is dedicated to exploring the Atlantic, Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World (an aquarium).

Also of interest is the Auckland Harbour with its America's Cup facilities, the Queen Street area with its many shopping, dining and accommodation establishments and the Sky Tower.
The Auckland Museum with its collection of Maori art and the Auckland War Memorial are worth a visit.
Although it is not the capital of New Zealand, Auckland is a big city. The largest city in the country, located on the North Island, it is surrounded by majestic extinct volcanoes on one side and magnificent pages on the other. It is a concentrate of culture, beautiful landscapes and history that travelers discover here. Its Maori name, Tamaki Makaurau, which means city of lovers, finds its place here with its sumptuous bays, its charming harbor and its arable land for which the lovers of Auckland have fought for centuries.

Water is everywhere, lining the beaches and small islands such as Waiheke Island, punctuated by vineyards and often deserted ribbons of fine sand. The city also boasts a vibrant cultural life, and you'll want to check out its restaurants and wine bars. It is also home to fascinating museums such as the Auckland Museum, which allows you to learn more about Maori and South Pacific Island culture, or the Auckland Art Gallery, which displays many works from the colonial period.

Auckland may be a large metropolis, but it is also and above all turned towards nature. At Hot Water Beach, you can go swimming in the geothermal springs while enjoying the magnificent beaches. We will not miss either to visit the volcanic field, from where the view on the city is just breathtaking. The same goes for Mount Eden, the highest volcanic cone in the region, where a 360° panorama over the isthmus and the bays of Auckland leaves visitors speechless. In this urban environment where one is never far from the beaches or hiking trails, city life seems much more peaceful than elsewhere, bathed in sunshine and lulled by a culture with Polynesian influences.

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When to go to Auckland ?

Average temperatures fluctuate from 14° (July) to 24° (February). The sea temperature varies from 15° to 21°. The rainiest months are: June, July and August. We recommend January, February, March, April, November and December for visiting Auckland.

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