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Travel Guide of Amsterdam in Netherlands by Influencers

Amsterdam is the capital and most populous city of the Netherlands with a population of 872,680 within the city proper, 1,380,872 in the urban area and 2,410,960 in the metropolitan area.

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Discover our travel guide of Amsterdam in Netherlands made of pictures from travel influencers and photographers.

What you will see and do in Amsterdam:

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Travel Tips for visiting Amsterdam

Cosmopolitan and fashionable, Amsterdam is a city that has a lot to offer its visitors. Don't be fooled by the clichés of the coffee shops, and come and see the city's UNESCO-listed heritage. The museum district is a must, with exhibitions of Van Gogh, Banksy and Dali, the Museum of the Resistance, Rembrandt and Vermeer to name but a few. History and art live in harmony in the capital of the Netherlands. It is convenient to discover the city on a Dutch bicycle, so you can cruise between the many bars and delicious restaurants that dot the city. The canals, which make it the Venice of the North, will add a touch of romance to your stay. Amsterdam is famous for its red light district and its coffee shops, it is a city of culture and refinement.
Complex and singular, the city has more than fifty museums. That is what makes the charm of the city with its light tone punctuated with colors.

Anne Frank House is a very famous place. The house has been preserved since the world war and is the hiding place of the Frank family - a family of Jewish origin under the persecution of the Nazis. Anne Frank wrote a diary while staying here and later became very famous. The best point here is that the oppressive, small and cramped atmosphere of the house is preserved and creates a realistic feeling for visitors to imagine the Frank family living in the dark days like how.

Torture Museum describes and reproduces torture instruments through the ages, mainly medieval, if good English, can read the description tables to know how these types of torture work. To enjoy the nightlife in Amsterdam, the busiest is still the Red Light District. In addition, near this area, there is BullDog bar - a famous "chill out" place here.

If you like cheese, then this place is a must-visit place when traveling in Amsterdam. On the streets of Amsterdam, every few meters you will see a few people scurrying around carrying Amsterdam Cheese Company paper bags. Cheese here is extremely delicious, all types are delicious from smoke cheese, pesto, coconut cheese… If you want to try any type, you can tell the staff they will cut it for you to try on the spot.

Zaanse Schans is a small area of ​​the town of Zaandam, near Zaandijk in the municipality of Zaanstad, Northern Netherlands. The area is famous for a well-preserved collection of historic windmills with mills dating back to the 16th century and beyond. This village is also known as the windmill village.

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