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Travel Guide of Imsouane in Morocco by Influencers

Imsouane is a small town and rural commune in Agadir-Ida Ou Tanane Prefecture, Souss-Massa, Morocco. At the time of the 2004 census, the commune had a total population of 9353 people living in 1704 households.

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Travel Tips for visiting Imsouane

Imsouane is a small fishing village in Morocco, located on the Atlantic coast. Although it is a relatively unknown destination, it has become a popular spot for surfers in recent years.

Here are some tips for travelling to Imsouane:

1. Imsouane is located approximately 8 hours from Marrakech, so it is best to fly into the nearest airport, which is located in Agadir.

2. Imsouane is a small village with limited accommodation options. There are a few small hotels and Guesthouses, but it is advisable to book in advance.

3. The best time to visit Imsouane for surfing is from October to April. The waves are at their best during this time and the water is relatively warm.

4. Imsouane is a Muslim village and visitors should dress conservatively and respect local customs.

5. There are a few small restaurants in Imsouane, but most serve only traditional Moroccan cuisine. If you are looking for something different, it is best to bring your own food.

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