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Travel Guide of Playa del Carmen in Mexico by Influencers and Travelers

Playa del Carmen is a city located along the Caribbean Sea in the municipality of Solidaridad, in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. It is a popular tourist area in eastern Mexico. Playa del Carmen features a wide array of tourist activities due to its geographical location in the Riviera Maya. It has also been the destination of PGA Tour golf tournaments and the set location for various television shows. The town has one of the fastest-growing populations in Mexico.

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The Best Things to Do and Visit in Playa del Carmen


1 - Xcaret Park

   7 km away

Xcaret Park is a privately owned and operated theme park, resort and self-described ecotourism development located in the Riviera Maya, a portion of the Caribbean coastline of Mexico's state of Quintana Roo.

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Xcaret Park things to do in Playa del Carmen

2 - Av Benito Juárez 251

Tlacotepec de Benito Juárez is a town and municipality in Puebla in south-eastern Mexico.

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Av Benito Juárez 251 things to do in Playa del Carmen

3 - Tours & Sightseeing | Day Trips from Riviera Maya

Discover Tulum, the legendary walled city that stands as one of the most significant archaeological zones of the Maya culture. This experience offers a unique chance to swim with turtles in their natural habitat, amidst the pristine white sandy beach and crystal-clear waters of Akumal. The adventure continues towards a cenote, a sacred place in Maya culture, where the stunning stalactite formations beg for you to take a million photos. Don't miss out on this trip to the heart of the Maya world.

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Tours & Sightseeing | Day Trips from Riviera Maya things to do in Playa del Carmen

4 - Xcaret

   7 km away

Xcaret is a Maya civilization archaeological site located on the Caribbean coastline of the Yucatán Peninsula, in the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico.

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Xcaret things to do in Playa del Carmen Xcaret things to do in Playa del Carmen

5 - Riviera Maya

   12 km away

The Riviera Maya is a tourism and resort district south of Cancun, Mexico. It straddles the coastal Federal Highway 307, along the Caribbean coastline of the state of Quintana Roo, located in the eastern portion of the Yucatán Peninsula.

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Riviera Maya things to do in Playa del Carmen

6 - Diving & Snorkeling | Cozumel Sea Trek

   18 km away

Discover the underwater world of Mexico without swimming. With this sea trek experience in central Cozumel, everyone can explore the ocean floor. Put on an astronaut-style helmet, descend beneath the waves, and stroll along the white sandy seabed surrounded by Cozumel's marine life. Expert guides will ensure a safe and fascinating expedition. The underwater escapade lasts 25 to 30 minutes, allowing plenty of time to enjoy the sights below the surface.

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Diving & Snorkeling | Cozumel Sea Trek things to do in Playa del Carmen

7 - Cozumel

   30 km away

Cozumel is an island and municipality in the Caribbean Sea off the eastern coast of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, opposite Playa del Carmen. It is separated from the mainland by Cozumel Channel and is close to the Yucatán Channel. The municipality is part of the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico.

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Cozumel things to do in Playa del Carmen Cozumel things to do in Playa del Carmen

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Why should you visit Playa del Carmen ?

Travel to Playa del Carmen if you like:

  🏖️ Ocean     🏖️ Beach     ⛰️ Hill station     🏨 Resort  

How to visit Playa del Carmen ?

Why traveling there?

Playa del Carmen is a popular beach destination located along the stunning Riviera Maya in Mexico. Known for its white sand beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and vibrant nightlife, this tropical paradise offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. In addition, Playa del Carmen boasts a rich Mayan history, world-class diving and snorkeling, exciting eco-adventure parks, and countless cultural experiences.

How to get there?

The easiest way to reach Playa del Carmen is by flying into Cancun International Airport (CUN), which is approximately 34 miles (55 km) away. From the airport, you can take a private transfer, taxi, or the ADO bus to Playa del Carmen. The bus journey takes about 1 hour, and buses run frequently throughout the day.

What to book in advance?

It's recommended to book your accommodation, airport transfers, and any popular tours or activities in advance to ensure availability. Some must-visit attractions, such as the Mayan ruins of Tulum and Chichen Itza, and eco-adventure parks like Xcaret and Xel-Ha, can get quite busy, so booking ahead will help you avoid long lines and secure your spot.

What are the costs?

Playa del Carmen offers a range of options for all budgets. Accommodation prices vary from budget hostels ($10-$20 USD per night) to luxury resorts ($200-$500+ USD per night). Dining options are also diverse, with street food and local restaurants offering meals for $5-$10 USD, while upscale restaurants can cost $30-$50+ USD per person. Activities and tours can range from $30-$150 USD, depending on the type and duration of the experience.

What are the best things to do?

- Relax on the beautiful beaches, such as Playa Mamitas and Playa Maroma.
- Visit the Mayan ruins of Tulum, Coba, and Chichen Itza.
- Explore eco-adventure parks like Xcaret, Xel-Ha, and Xplor.
- Dive or snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of cenotes, like Dos Ojos and Gran Cenote.
- Stroll down Quinta Avenida (5th Avenue), a pedestrian-only street filled with shops, restaurants, and bars.
- Enjoy the lively nightlife at popular clubs like Coco Bongo and Mandala.

Where to eat?

1. El Fogon: A local favorite for authentic Mexican cuisine, especially their tacos al pastor.
2. La Cueva del Chango: A charming restaurant offering delicious Mexican breakfast options in a lush garden setting.
3. Oh Lala!: An intimate fine-dining experience with a fusion of international and local flavors.

Where to stay?

1. Selina Playa del Carmen: A trendy hostel offering private rooms, dorms, co-working spaces, and a lively pool area, located just steps from 5th Avenue.
2. Mahekal Beach Resort: A beautiful beachfront property with bungalow-style rooms, two pools, and a spa, perfect for a relaxing getaway.
3. Thompson Playa del Carmen: A luxury boutique hotel featuring a rooftop pool and bar, fine dining, and stylish accommodations.

Off the beaten path

For a unique travel experience, venture to the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage site located south of Tulum. This protected natural area is home to diverse wildlife, mangroves, lagoons, and pristine beaches. Take a guided tour to explore the untouched beauty of this reserve by boat, kayak, or on foot, and experience a different side of the Riviera Maya, far from the crowds.

Learn More about Playa del Carmen

Often referred to as "Playa" by locals, Playa del Carmen is a seaside resort town, located on the Yucatan Peninsula, the third largest city in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Coming to Playa del Carmen, you will be able to immerse yourself in the wild sea air, experience the feeling of scuba diving, offshore fishing, and discover new things.

Located next to the heart of the Mayan Riviera, Playa del Carmen has an open, laid-back atmosphere with a unique European style. There are cute but very attractive little shops here. Most visitors to Playa del Carmen choose the central area, where they can easily explore the town. You can rent a car to get around this seaside town, or choose the walking solution to explore every little corner.

Swimming and diving services in Playa del Carmen are quite diverse. And fishing is a popular activity in Playa that you definitely cannot miss. The boats are available to assist you with offshore fishing in this town. However, you need to consider carefully when deciding to try your hand at sailing on bad weather days. If you're lucky enough to catch fish, many beachside restaurants will give you the pleasure of "winning" for a small amount of money.

Night at Playa del Carmen means drinking and dancing to live music, accompanied by fiery Mexican dancers until morning. This is the hottest activity in the beach clubs in this town. The tourist area in Playa del Carmen is a hub consisting of many shops, mainly selling items such as souvenirs, bracelets and shirts. There are several large supermarkets here that will give you the opportunity to increase your shopping experience, like Chedraui and Soriana.

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