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Travel Guide of Langkawi in Malaysia by Influencers and Travelers

Langkawi, officially known by its sobriquet Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah, is a duty-free island and an archipelago of 99 islands located some 30 km off the coast of northwestern Malaysia and a few kilometres south of Ko Tarutao, adjacent to the Thai border.

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The Best Things to Do and Visit around Langkawi

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1 - Pulau Balak

Balak Island is an island located near Banggi Island in the Kudat Division on Sabah, Malaysia.

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Pulau Balak things to do in Langkawi

2 - Jalan Pantai Chenang

   11 km away
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Jalan Pantai Chenang things to do in Langkawi

3 - Safaris in Langkawi

   15 km away

Visit eight islands in the Langkawi archipelago by Jet Ski. In your small-group convoy, led by an experienced guide, coast over to Pulau Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Maiden Island) for a short jungle trek and a swim in Malaysia’s largest freshwater lake. Take in the stunning scenery where limestone outcrops dot the Fjords, watch eagles soar and stop to snorkel in the tranquil turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea. Choose a morning or afternoon departure, and if you want to ride single or double. Numbers are limited to eight passengers to ensure a personalized experience.

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Safaris in Langkawi things to do in Langkawi

4 - Pantai Cenang

   12 km away
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Pantai Cenang things to do in Langkawi

5 - Langkawi Sky Bridge

   16 km away

Langkawi Sky Bridge is a 125-metre curved pedestrian cable-stayed bridge in Malaysia, completed in 2005. The bridge deck is located 660 metres above sea level at the peak of Gunung Mat Cincang on Pulau Langkawi, the main island of the Langkawi archipelago in Kedah.

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Langkawi Sky Bridge things to do in Langkawi Langkawi Sky Bridge things to do in Langkawi

6 - Kayaking Tours in Langkawi

   15 km away

Join this guided half-day Kayaking adventure in the beautiful Mangrove Forest. Start the day off with a visit to the fish farm and enjoy a fish feeding show before beginning your kayaking adventure where you will be able to connect with nature and wildlife.

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Kayaking Tours in Langkawi things to do in Langkawi

7 - Temurun Waterfall

   27 km away
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Temurun Waterfall things to do in Langkawi Temurun Waterfall things to do in Langkawi

8 - 01000

   50 km away
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01000 things to do in Langkawi

9 - Sightseeing Cruises in Langkawi

   15 km away

Set sail for adventure on this half-day mangrove cruise boat visiting Tanjung Rhu River, Kisap and Kilim Rivers in the Langkawi geopark sites.

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Sightseeing Cruises in Langkawi things to do in Langkawi

10 - Shore Excursions in Langkawi

   15 km away

See the Langkawi mangroves by boat on a 4-hour tour that includes lunch, and pickup and drop-off at your accommodations or cruise ship. Explore a fascinating tidal ecosystem that’s home to otters, dolphins, kingfishers, and eagles, and learn about Malaysia’s plants and animals firsthand.

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Shore Excursions in Langkawi things to do in Langkawi

11 - Wildlife Watching in Langkawi

   15 km away

This activity suitable for all ages and skill level. Langkawi geopark is Malaysia’s first established geopark located in the far northwestern corner of Peninsular Malaysia in the State of Kedah. Enjoy the scenic and spectacular views of unique limestone rock formations emerging from the floor of the mangrove swamp and seabed. These fascinating geological wonders will be for your viewing pleasure during the whole tour. A visit to the fish farm in the open sea is an unforgettable experience. Enjoy viewing beautiful wild fishes swimming and fish feeding demonstration to fishes like Giant Trevally, Shark, Horse Shoe Crab, Garoupa and Sting Ray.

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Wildlife Watching in Langkawi things to do in Langkawi

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Learn More about Langkawi

Langkawi is a Malaysian archipelago of a hundred islands located in the northwest of the country, 15 miles (25 km) from the Thai border. It is named after its main island, by far the largest, where the population and travelers are concentrated. The name Langkawi comes from the Malay "helang kawi", meaning "brown eagle". Actually, a large statue of this bird of prey, welcomes visitors at the port of Kuah. It is not a fully developed island, but thanks to this, it keeps much more forests. Its ecosystem is one of the most diverse in the world. It counts for example 240 species of birds. ​​Spectacular and coming from the night of time, the geology of the archipelago interests many people. It motivates the protection by UNESCO of a good part of the archipelago within a Geopark, associating its population and its culture. The spectacular Sky Cab and Sky Bridge allow you to take full advantage of the 2700 feet (850 meters) high Maninchang Mountain. At the same place, Umgawa offers several zip lines, rope bridges and abseiling, to enjoy and feel the beauty of the landscape. But if you are afraid of heights, you can take a boat trip to visit the caves, the aquatic farms and visit the surrounding islands. Pantai Cenang is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Langkawi, with many activities offered, many hotels and restaurants by the beach. But if you prefer peace and quiet, go to Pantai Tengah beach. The archipelago contains many fast-food chains, but will be conquered by the local food. There is no public transport, but the place is served by cabs, otherwise, you can rent vehicles to simplify your excursions.​​ The island offers many activities to discover the archipelago and its beautiful landscapes that are worth the detour, come and enjoy its dream climate and its white-sand beaches.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Langkawi

What is the best season to enjoy Langkawi?

The weather in Langkawi is tropical, which means hot and humid, with occasional rains and clouds. The best season to visit the region is between November and April, the weather is ideal with sun and light rain, but it's also the most touristy, so watch out for crowds.

There are several options for your jet ski activity, you can take a one-hour trip for a quick tour of the area, or a full day trip to discover the Archipelago and its surrounding islands. ​​Thrill-seekers will love to take control, accompanied by a guide who will show you around the different islands, you will be able to admire the most beautiful landscapes. This activity is very suitable for beginners, no qualifications are required, you must be over 12 years old.
There are different tours available, depending on your budget and your desires.

There is no public bus in Langkawi, the only buses are tourist buses. Cabs are the only practical means of transportation on the island. Cabs are easily accessible and clustered around tourist destinations. However, prices are random from one cab to another, even if the fares are set by the government, be careful not to get ripped off and fix a price with the driver before boarding!

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