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Travel Guide of Venice in Italy by Influencers

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Welcome to the Hatlas Travel's Guide of Venice !

Discover our travel guide of Venice in Italy made of pictures from travel influencers and photographers.

What you will see and do in Venice:

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Travel Tips for visiting Venice

Venice is a city like no other in the world

It stretches along 118 small islands connected by 180 canals and 450 bridges.
The numerous museums and authentic architecture make it a destination rich in historical and cultural prestige. Add to this the timeless atmosphere and the calm of daily life and you are faced with a city of unique beauty.

Venice is the most captivating city in the world

The city island is renowned for its canals, its architecture, and the many works of art that adorn its churches and museums.
One also comes here to discover the work of leather and glass made by expert craftsmen who use ancestral methods of fabrication.
The city is made up of a hundred islands and can only be discovered by boat or on foot.

The absence of cars gives it a unique atmosphere and allows for a peaceful discovery.

The "City of Lovers" should not be reduced to its gondolas and works of art.
It is also an ideal destination for those who are passionate about cinema, music, or architecture or who simply want to experience a complete change of scenery.
It is also a great place to visit if you want to enjoy rich gastronomy.

5 reasons to visit Venice

1. Because it is the most romantic city in the world
What could be more romantic than sailing in a gondola and passing under the bridges of the Grand Canal with a glass of prosecco in hand? Venice has been associated with lovers since the time of Casanova and is the ultimate romantic destination.

2. To discover thousands of years of history
For centuries, Venice has dominated the Mediterranean and developed a particularly rich and sophisticated culture while creating architectural masterpieces such as Saint. Mark's Basilica.

3. To admire magnificent works of art and participate in festivals
Venice is a city where art is omnipresent. You can admire the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in the Basilica of I Frari and the frescoes in the Church of the Pietà as well as attend the Biennale of Art and Architecture.

4. To taste exceptional food and wine
Your stay in Venice will also allow you to be amazed gustative. You can try delicious dishes such as roasted rabbit, polenta, risotto, or ravioli, all washed down with a glass of local wine.

5. To listen to music and see movies
Venice and music are strongly linked and the La Fenice Opera House will certainly play music by famous Venetians such as Vivaldi during your stay. Unless the latter coincides with the city's Film Festival, one of the most prestigious in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Venice

How to get to Venice?

  • Plane

The Venice-Marco-Polo airport (VCE) is located 8 kilometers from the city center. Bus number 5 takes you to St. Mark's Square in 30 minutes for 8 euros and the water cab Alilaguna stops all over the city for 15 euros.

  • Train

It is very easy to get to Venice by train from many European cities. From Paris, for example, you will need to change trains in Milan and you will arrive at the Venice-Santa Lucia station, which is located in the north of the city and is well served by public transportation.

  • By car

The city can be reached from Milan on the E70 and from Florence on the A13. You will then have to park your car in one of the parking lots on the mainland and take the boat to reach the city center.

  • Car

Companies such as FlixBus and Baltour offer bus trips from France, often passing through Milan, Florence, and Rome.

 The main bus station is located at the entrance to the Grand Canal, in Piazzale Roma.

  • Public transportation

The most convenient way to get around Venice is by Vaporetto. These are water buses that run along the canals for 7 euros per trip. 

A card will cost you 20 euros for a day and 60 euros for a week.

 Outside the islands, you can take the bus for 1.50 euros per trip or 14 euros for 10 trips.

  • Cab or Taxi

There are few conventional cabs in Venice, their equivalent being the famous gondolas. 

A ride will cost you 80 euros for 40 minutes and 20 euros for every additional 20 minutes.

  • By Car

Although it is impossible to visit Venice by car, you can decide to rent a car to explore the area. It will cost you about 12 euros per day for a first price car.

The most luxurious hotels such as the Duodo Palace Hotel and the Hotel Giorgione are located in the vicinity of San Marco or Dorsoduro. 

For a more affordable price, the Venezia Hotel and the Novotel located in Mestre are very good options. 

Finally, Venice is full of authentic and inexpensive guesthouses.

Popular neighborhoods in Venice

Sestieri: This is the heart of the city. You'll be staying right next to St. Mark's Basilica, the Bridge of Sighs, and the Grand Canal, as well as many other major sites.

Murano: This group of islands north of Venice is well known for its master glassmakers. There are beautiful churches, authentic restaurants, and a fabulous glass museum.

Giudecca: located south of Sestieri but less touristy, Giudecca is characterized by its art galleries and pretty stores. If you are looking for authenticity, this is the neighborhood for you.

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Grand Canal

  0.9 km ( miles) away from Venice

The Grand Canal is a channel in Venice, Italy

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