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Travel Guide of Tel Aviv in Israel by Influencers

Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club is an Israeli football club and part of the Maccabi Tel Aviv sports club. Founded in 1906 in Jaffa as the HaRishon Le Zion-Yafo Association, it is the oldest, largest, and most decorated football club in Israel.

Welcome to the Hatlas Travel's Guide of Tel Aviv !

Discover our travel guide of Tel Aviv in Israel made of pictures from travel influencers and photographers.

What you will see and do in Tel Aviv:

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Travel Tips for visiting Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is world renowned for its nightlife and beaches. Multicultural, the Mediterranean beauty that never sleeps has remained relevant to young hipsters from around the world. Discover the Bauhaus style of the White City, live bohemian in Neve Tzedek and show your best side in Tayelet, a kind of Tel Aviv-style "promenade des anglais". The "Hill of Spring" (translated from Hebrew) continues to renew itself, there is always something new to see in Tel Aviv. However, a city with a recognized cultural dynamism, taking advantage of the crossbreeding caused by the arrival of its inhabitants from all over the world, Tel Aviv has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, for its white city, which according to the international organization, "... is an outstanding example of urban planning and architecture of the new cities of the early twentieth century, adapted to the requirements of a cultural and geographical context ". This city is an assembly of neighborhoods with different cultures. Don't forget to take advantage of its fine sandy beaches considered as the most beautiful in the Middle East.

With 300 days of sunshine per year, the city can boast of spoiling its idlers from April to mid-November. The beach is 6 kilometers long and runs along the entire coastline to the city of Jaffa. Towards the north, the sandbank is divided into several beaches, some of which have their own character. Overall, there is no shortage of activities, whether you want to play beach volleyball, jet-ski or go boating...

The city also has three large museums, dedicated to contemporary art, the history of the diaspora and its own past. But beyond the institutions, culture is presented in numerous galleries, such as between Ben Yehuda and Dizengoff, where the windows showcase the richness of the Israeli art scene. Whether it is in the world of fashion arts and crafts... numerous stalls and events give an idea of the broth of ideas from which the city draws its energy. For a little shopping, go to Sheinkin Street, a vibrant artery with bohemian inspirations. History buffs should not miss a visit to the old town of Jaffa, whose history as an Arab enclave dates back to several millennia BC.

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Nebi Samuel National Park

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Dome of the Rock

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Western Wall

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Holocaust memorial

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