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Travel Guide of Saltee Islands in Ireland by Influencers and Travelers

The Saltee Islands are a pair of small islands lying 5 kilometres off the southern coast of County Wexford in Ireland. The two islands are Great Saltee and Little Saltee.

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Great Saltee Island is an island in the Saltee Islands. Located 5 kilometres off the south coast of County Wexford, Great Saltee is the largest island in the archipelago, and is considered to be one of the true wonders of the region !

Great Saltee Island covers over 89 hectares of wilderness. Registered as a protected island, it is a favourite playground for many species of animals such as grey seals and seabirds.
The island is very popular for its large coves and shallow bays: the water is turquoise and the beaches are a real call to swim! Not to mention the many sea caves along the south coast and the cliffs that plunge steeply into the ocean.
For the little story, the island has been called "The Cemetery of a Thousand Ships". The island's surroundings are particularly dangerous, as many boats would have sunk in the surrounding waters, crashing into the reef or outcropping rocks.

We recommend that you visit in good weather and take your walking shoes with you. To go there and visit, you must take the shuttle bus from Kilmore Quay.

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Can you swim on saltee Islands ?

The island is much appreciated for its large creeks and shallow bays: the water is turquoise, and the beaches are a real invitation to swim !

A flourishing period in the history of the islands was from about 1500 - 1800 when they were a base for pirates, wreckers and smugglers. Since December 1943 the Saltees have been privately owned by the Neale family.

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