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Travel Guide of Connemara National Park in Ireland by Influencers and Travelers

Connemara National Park is one of six national parks in Ireland that are managed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service of the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht. It is located in the west of Ireland within County Galway.

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Learn More about Connemara National Park

Connemara National Park is a national park in Ireland located in the Connemara region. With an area of about 7500 acres (3,000 hectares), it is crossed by the Twelve Bens mountain range. The land in the park has been inhabited for over 4,000 years, and in the past was used for livestock and agriculture. Visitors from all over the world come here at any time of year to discover this spectacular area, also known for its wildlife. In addition to the many birds you may see foxes, ermines and, for the lucky ones, the famous Connemara pony. Connemara is the most touristic park in Ireland, every year, thousands of travelers come here to explore its wide open spaces, breathe its fresh air, and enjoy the sublime views. The Park is a small wonder in itself: a real paradise for walkers and nature lovers. The park offers three types of hiking trails, ranging from the least experienced to the most experienced. The "Srunffaunbay" circuit is a short one, considered the easiest in the park. Ideal if you are with your family. The “Lower Diamond Hill Walk" is a 2 miles (3 km) circuit, it is the best compromise to explore the splendors of Connemara National Park. And finally, the "Upper Diamond Hill Walk" is the most beautiful circuit but also the longest and the most difficult. It allows you to reach the top of Diamond Hill, at 280 miles (445 m) of altitude, ideal if you like to challenge yourself! Other activities are possible in the heart of the national park: pony rides, guided tours with a ranger, playground for children etc. You will also find an exhibition on the landscapes of Connemara and even a tearoom where you can rest after your walks. Not far from the park is the village of Letterfrack and the abbey of Kylermore, if you have time don't hesitate to visit it! The park is open all year round, with no opening hours. Admission is free and allows you to enjoy a beautiful day at a low cost. We recommend you to go there when the weather is mild and favorable.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Connemara National Park

Any tour recommendations to visit the Connemara National Park?

If you only have time for a walk, we recommend Connemara and Diamond hill Circular. Connemara and Diamond Hill Circular is a 7.6-kilometer loop trail located near Letterfrack. The trail follows a lake and is rated as moderate in difficulty, so it is accessible to most people, although some parts are quite steep and rough. The trail offers several activities. The view at the top is incredible, you don't want to miss it.

Letterfrack is rather different from the traditional Irish villages. It must be said that the area is more like a crossroads than a village on its own. The houses are scattered everywhere: there is no real town center.
However, you should know that the village has countless possibilities in terms of accommodation, excellent pubs and restaurants. This makes it a very interesting village: it is a perfect location to discover the wonders of Connemara! For example, Kylemore Abbey and its famous castle are ultra touristic spots that you must visit during your journey! Letterfrack is also an opportunity to contemplate the Renvyle Peninsula: a fabulously wild corner, between land and sea, which will promise you a very pleasant nature break! Finally, don't miss the beaches of the area: ideal to relax, their fine sand will convince you to go and put your towel there!
Letterfrack is a starting point to begin your journey in Connemara. Don't hesitate to make a stop there and visit the city before exploring the park!

There are different walks available in the park, from easy to difficult
First, The Cong and Clonbur Forest Trail. This nature trail passes through Cong and Clonbur Woods, the latter protected because of its unique flora and fauna. The starting point of the trail is in the village of Cong. After crossing a stone bridge to enter the forest, the 3.7 miles (6 km) forest walk begins and ends at the parking lot of Clonbur about two and a half hours later.
Walk from Claddaghduff Quay to Omey Island. Omey is a tidal island located off the Connemara coast. Unavailable at high tide, the marked road along the tidal sands of Omey Strand proves to be the only access to the island when the sea recedes. On the island, there is much to discover, such as the medieval church, and a sacred well. This walk, of about 3.7 miles (6 km), takes between one and two hours.
Mount Gable, is a 1300-foot (400-meter) hill peak, which takes about five hours to complete. Once the summit is reached, hikers will be enchanted by the views of the large lakes below, as well as the surrounding mountains.
Many choices are available to you, even beginners can go on excursions, so don't hesitate!

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