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Travel Guide of Masal in Iran by Influencers

Masal is a city and capital of Masal County, Gilan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 10,992, in 2,986 families. The language of Masal is a variety of Talysh

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What you will see and do in Masal:

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Travel Tips for visiting Masal

Masal Municipality is located in the Gilan State of Iran. Masal is the district's capital. The area's population was 47,648, divided into nearly 12,328 groups, according to the department of statistics. The

Central District and the Shanderman Division are the major regions that constitute the district. Masal and Bazar Jomeh are the towns in the area.
 The north side of Iran is a wonderful spot with a range of climates and a fascinating story to reveal to its viewers. You may come and explore Masal, which is  among of  the gorgeous sights in the

iranian country.Masal has been established to symbolize hillside in Persian, despite the fact that it is not a frequent noun. It has a breadth of 386,493 miles and an elevation of 275,591 feet above water

proportion. As a result, it is Gilan's foremost city following Roodbar.

 It's about 31,0686 miles from Rasht, and it's nearby to the Talesh Highlands.

Travelers will enjoy a range of sights in the northern.  Masal is a lovely area that will steal your mind away, you can even get a picture of the wonderful scenery known as the sea of clouds. The Masal

Territory is a place where you can find tranquility and splendor.

Breathtaking panoramas, peaceful streets, majestic structures, and cultural attractions are all considered as a segment of the tiny zone of Iran's northeastern part that has captivated visitors from different


Best time to travel Masal:

 Masal's appropriate time spans from the start of summer to the end of august. The climate is delightful for the this period, and the region is blossoming. The air temperature can decrease at evening and in

the daytime.

Best places in Masal, Iran:
 In the north, there are a lots of activities to practice:
Masal is an area of streams, woods, and fountains. The benefits of this location are the calm and the isolation from the large groups. You may sense yourself on edge of the peak when strolling through the

hills, wooden bushes, vegetation, and brick structures.
-The streams Khalkaei and Rood Morghak : are significant in Masal. A good area to stay and prepare tea.
This district is 3,10686 miles offshore from Shanderman, which is house to some breathtakingly stunning rapids. You'll could use a companion or interrogate the people where these floods are situated

visualize them.
There are also 17 spots of various shapes and woodland zones.
Masala antiques and souvenirs:
 Manufactured goods like as shawls, woodworking goods, as well as Jajim (a type of carpet) are offered as mementos in the city. In addition, Nan-e Zarrin, a type of native pastry, is yet a different item you

may bring home as a souvenir.
Places where to have delicious meals:
 Masal Khazar Eatery, Otragh Diner and one called Sultan are among of the closest dining options. Additionally, you can purchase camping supplies and prepare your personal feast in the great outdoors.
Places to lodge in this town:
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