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Travel Guide of Hormuz Island in Iran by Influencers

Hormuz Island, also spelled Hormoz, is an Iranian island in the Persian Gulf. Located in the Strait of Hormuz, 8 kilometres off the Iranian coast, the island is part of Hormozgan Province.

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Travel Tips for visiting Hormuz Island

Nicknamed the Rainbow Island, Hormuz is an Iranian island located in the strait of the same name, between the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea. With an area of 42km², the island has a high and steep coastline to the south and east while to the north and west is a low coastal plain. The volcanic soil of the island gives it lunar and multicolored landscapes that attract local and foreign tourists.

In the past, the island was an important trading place, especially for its connection with India. This strategic position attracted many covetousness. In 1507, Hormuz came under Portuguese occupation, of which the remains of a port remain today. Finally, the island was taken back in 1622 by the English, allied to the Persians.

From then on, the island lives mainly from fishing, salt harvesting and tourism. It can be reached by ferry from Bandar Abbas, located 8km away on the Iranian coast, or from the island of Qeshm, for a day trip or for several days. There are several places of interest to visit: Rainbow Mountains; Silence Valley; Valley of Statues; Red Beach, Silver Beach; Ahmad Nadalian Museum; and the Portuguese fort. Transportation is scarce. Cars are almost non-existent, so you can only rent a bike or a motorcycle, or use a tuk-tuk to get around the island. As far as accommodation is concerned, you will find rooms to rent from locals and a few hotels, mainly in the village of Hormuz in the north, the only one on the island. Recently, a complex composed of multicolored domes was built by ZAV Architects on the west coast. It offers various atypical accommodations echoing the colorful mountains. As a last alternative, camping is allowed on the island, free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Hormuz Island

How to go to Ormuz island ?

The island is accessible by boat from the pier in Bandar Abbas harbour. The frequency of the boats varies according to the season.

Iran now exploits this island for many natural resources such as ochre, iron ore which gives a particular red colour to the mud, copper ore, green clay. These resources are intended for export.

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