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Travel Guide of Ahvaz in Iran by Influencers and Travelers

Ahvaz, is a city in the southwest of Iran and the capital of Khuzestan province. Ahvaz's population is about 1,300,000 and its built-up area with the nearby town of Sheybani is home to 1,136,989 inhabitants.

The Best Things to Do and Visit in Ahvaz


1 - Khuzestan Province

Khuzestan Province is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. It is in the southwest of the country, bordering Iraq and the Persian Gulf. Its capital is Ahvaz and it covers an area of 63,238 square kilometres. Since 2014 it has been part of Iran's Region 4.

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Khuzestan Province things to do in Ahvaz Khuzestan Province things to do in Ahvaz

2 - Karun River

   26 km away

The Kārun is Iran's most effluent and only navigable river. It is 950 km long. It rises in the Zard Kuh mountains of the Bakhtiari district in the Zagros Range, receiving many tributaries, such as the Dez and the Kuhrang, before passing through the capital of the Khuzestan Province of Iran, the city of Ahvaz before emptying to its mouth into Arvand Rud.

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Karun River things to do in Ahvaz Karun River things to do in Ahvaz

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Why should you visit Ahvaz ?

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Learn More about Ahvaz

Ahvaz, located in southwestern Iran, is the capital of Khuzestan province. The main source of oil for the country, the city is highly industrialized and has few tourist attractions. Air pollution is one of the highest in the world, which discourages visitors. Thus, Ahvaz is above all a stopover city to reach the west of the country from the Persian Gulf or to discover the ancient Persian remains. The city was once crossed by the royal road linking the city of Susa to Persepolis. Its strategic location, near the Persian Gulf, as well as its oil deposit, makes it a coveted region and earned it many damages during armed conflicts. In addition, the desert climate with temperatures regularly reaching over 50 ° C. Ahvaz is therefore not an attractive tourist center. However, its proximity to the most important Iranian river, the Karun River, offers some advantages. The main attraction of the city is the eight bridges over the river, especially the first and seventh ones, which are of a neat design. Moreover, if you have a few hours to visit the city of Ahvaz, don't hesitate to stroll through the shopping streets, especially Talequani and Salman-e Farsi streets where there seems to be a hidden Arabia. You can also visit the Mapar House, one of the oldest buildings in the city, which houses a small collection. The rest of it disappeared in a fire. Finally, you should know that north of the city, about 2 hours away, there are several Persian archaeological sites. You can visit the Chogha Zanbil, an ancient place of worship built around 1250 BC and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some consider it as one of the first religious monuments in Iran. A second site, Haft Tepeh, is a group of hills where archaeological finds of the Elamite civilization have been made. These collections are kept in the museum of the same name located nearby.

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