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Travel Guide of Bintan in Indonesia by Influencers and Travelers

Bintan Island or Negeri Segantang Lada is an island in the Riau archipelago of Indonesia. It is part of the Riau Islands province, the capital of which, Tanjung Pinang, lies in the island's south and is the island's main community.

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The Best Things to Do and Visit around Bintan

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1 - Tanjung Pinang

   25 km away

Tanjungpinang, also written as Tanjung Pinang, is the capital city of the Indonesian province of Riau Islands. It covers a land area of 144.56 km², mainly on the southern Bintan Island, as well as other smaller islands such as Dompak Island and Penyengat Island.

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Tanjung Pinang things to do in Bintan

2 - Hang Nadim International Airport

   34 km away

Hang Nadim International Airport, is located in Batam, Riau Islands, Indonesia. It is named after Laksamana Hang Nadim, a Malay warrior. The airport is the primary method of transport to and from Batam, alongside ferries to neighboring islands.

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Hang Nadim International Airport things to do in Bintan

3 - Shore Excursions in Lagoi

   7 km away

The sand dunes that look like the desert is one of the picturesque spots for tourists in Bintan Island. Although seems to be naturally made, the sand dunes are the result of mining excavation after the ban on sand exports. Near the place, there is a lake that offers clear blue waters.

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Shore Excursions in Lagoi things to do in Bintan

4 - Batam

   42 km away

Batam is the largest city in the province of Riau Islands, Indonesia. The city administrative area covers three main islands of Batam, Rempang, and Galang, as well as several small islands.

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Batam things to do in Bintan Batam things to do in Bintan

5 - Kayaking Tours in Lagoi

   7 km away

You will feel the calm and serenity while cruising on Sebong river with a boat, exotic wildlife of macaque and silver leaf monkeys, monitor lizards, mangrove snakes etc.

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Kayaking Tours in Lagoi things to do in Bintan

6 - Road Trip in Lagoi

   7 km away

Book a taxi or rent a car for your trip in Bintan Island with our experience and friendly chauffeur Good service & your satisfaction Is our priority

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Road Trip in Lagoi things to do in Bintan

7 - Safaris in Lagoi

   7 km away

Enjoy lots of beauty and uniqueness while you are on Bintan Island. Feel the pleasure for the senses that you can only find at Bintan Resorts. From the blue sea that stretches as far as the eye can see the exciting and relaxing adventure of the villa there is something for everyone in Bintan.

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Safaris in Lagoi things to do in Bintan

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